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Speak Asia is Genuine - SpeakAsia is Real


SpeakAsia Fact Guide

Most people in the world today are hopelessly stuck in a race for survival and trying desperately to escape mounting bills and income-generating woes! Many go to school for 20 years of their lives; work for 40 years of their lives; then retire for 5 years, on only 40% of what was not enough to live on in the first place while somehow coping with several digit inflation.

People go to school and get an education, which in itself is not a bad thing; but, when then they get a job working on less than adequate income for someone else on a 20-40 year plan, they mostly live for retirement, which when it finally shows up basically has them retire to live their golden years depending on other people.
The majority of people live in what is known as the ‘Time for Money Trap’. The more time you give your employer the more money you make. The less time you give your employer the less money you make. You work for nine hours you get paid for nine hours. You work four hours you get paid for four hours. If you are not there working you get nothing: this is known as ‘Linier Income’.
People have the amazing misconception that a linear income Job is security: they actually worship work or equate it with worship; but the fact is there is no security with a job: you can get fired or lose it somehow at any time! And on top of that a lot people probably don't even enjoy their work after a while. Even highly paid professionals are stuck in this ‘time for money trap’, except at a higher level of income, of course, but stuck nevertheless!
There is, however, another work-income generating and exciting industry on the market that is creating more ‘well to do’ people and millionaires than any other industry in history that most know of. It is a growth industry that is on its way to surpass any other in performance and white income generating power ever imagined: and it is 100% legal, honest, and simple.
This industry is known as ‘On Line Commerce’, which includes products marketing and consumer intelligence data gathering, POWERED by what we call Binary Networking. You may say, "Oh no, don’t talk to me about Multi Level Marketing, or Pyramid Scams, or Ponzi Schemes!" and you roll your eyes; rightly so, there are many MLM frauds and pyramid schemes in the world and especially in India; but, firstly ask yourself these questions:
1) Do you really know anything about the way this industry actually works and not just what you have heard about the people who have misused it? In other words, is the Binary system corrupt or is it the people abusing the system that are corrupt?
2) Did you know that all computers work on binary systems because of its efficiency and reliability?
3) Do you know what a Ponzi Scheme is? Do you know what a Pyramid Scheme is?
4) Are you completely satisfied with your family lifestyle today and the level of income you currently provide to meet the rising inflation on the marketplace?
5) Does your job provide you with the opportunity and time to work part time (10-15 hours a week) and earn a very healthy six figure income?
6) Are you having problems making financial ends meet?
If the answers are not satisfactory, perhaps you should just take a few thoughtful moments and look at what ‘Binary Networking’ really is. So what is it? In business it is basically a method of moving products and/or services from the source to the end consumer without (by eliminating) the middle man or an unmotivated, dysfunctional management that only tend to increase the cost of the product to be borne by the consumer through the most powerful method of advertisement: namely ‘Word of Mouth’ among the consumers themselves.
Whether you realize it or not, as has been said by experts, you are already involved in the Network Industry at various times. What do you do when you have seen a good show or had a great experience? You tell your friends, of course!! Now, what if you were paid a royalty commission every time you told someone about this and they did it too; would you tell more people about the show and the experience, or not? Of course you probably would, just like the rest of us.
Now ask and then tell yourself: who is making the most money in big organisations? The people at the top, obviously, and not the workers lower down the line! This, however, is not true of the legitimate Network Industry: what makes this so powerful and exciting is that the little guy at the bottom can actually earn more than the big guy at the top, unlike traditional corporative infrastructure possibilities!
In a Networking styled company, however, you are encouraged to build your own personal network of distributors, or as in the case of the ‘SpeakAsia model a network of Survey Panellists who have the same opportunity as you to make the same or even more money than you, depending on the respective input of the individual in question in relation to your input.
The ‘SpeakAsia’ model, nevertheless, is unique and has no other like it. There are six (6) potential income-generating-sources for the Survey Panellist to draw from, the first of which is a fixed contractual income paid out by the company to the panellist in return for surveys correctly completed and submitted within a stipulated time period after issue. This is strictly a fixed income and not related to networking at all. Speakasiaonline Pte. Ltd. Singapore is in fact not an MLM or networking company as such, but rather a company providing survey panels for other companies that do market research. SPKA (SpeakAsia) is legally connected as a related entity of the international Indian company Hindustan Machine Tools P. Ltd., based in Singapore.
The remaining five income sources are related to the panellist team/s propagated by the respective panellist leader for further survey workloads as required by the company, and employs a specific binary network methodology (1:1) in order to effectively propagate and further build functional teams of people who can conduct self-surveys in both E-surveys and Ad-surveys on line and thereby satisfy the company’s requirement for survey taking in relation to the clients’ prerequisites contracted by the company for provision of professional survey panels.
The reason for employing a binary network method to subscribe additional survey panellists is simple: it takes money to make money or any other worthwhile result. Hence, by paying someone money to propagate survey panelist members, the company is assured of relative success in reaching the desired number of panelists required in order to process the contracted survey workloads. The network related incomes thus generated for panellists include direct referral commissions, indirect referral commissions, and sub-survey royalty commissions that comprise a steady residual income for the team sponsor and members on a 24/7 basis.
There is then also the SPKA Panelist Retail/Wholesale Branded Items E and M Commerce aspect where the panellist can access Global Branded Items for distribution as an optional income generating activity made available on a distributer license basis, issued from SPKA at regulated distributor price levels, should the panelist wish to indulge some old fashion product marketing; this is a strictly optional feature and may be utilized by registered panelist at their own discretion whenever, available on the panel board for easy access.
It is to be kept in mind that for commercial usage the distributor costs availed will be markedly less than for personal panellist consumption. Here the company will employ a seven level training course to determine the licensed panellist qualification for the privilege of becoming a licensed distributor, which in turn is also at the panellists own discretion once a selection has been made based strictly on professional merit.
Therefore, not everyone at the top necessarily makes the most money in this case scenario. SpeakAsia Panelist Plan is a market system where you can start from the bottom and go to the top and become a top achiever within the company by building your own business within the business, so to say. Therefore you are in an all win situation for whatever parties involved with a network marketing system.
Should you wish to start a complete financial transformation in your lifestyle, with consistent effort the network industry model can give the average person real wealth in 1 to 2 years. If you have a Network business like the SPKA Panel Management working 7 to 10 hours a week you can double, triple or even quadruple your income inside two years.
You can produce residual income where you get paid forever for work you did in the past. One of the major benefits of this business is you can have unlimited income potential: eventually complete financial independence from the daily tensions of ‘bill paying’ is possible: financial liquidity as we say, without having to slave to build someone else’s fortune.
You can, in other words, make money in several ways with various models through networking:
1. The first is the small business model, where you professionally market products as a small business to residential and other business outlets. Basically, this is a retail model. (This model is subject to the integrity and level of intention of the people conducting the business of the model.)
2. The second is the really big model. Here you build a big business of distributors and you get residual income from the royalties of your network. Basically this is a wholesale model. (This model has several well-known companies such as Amway in its ranks.)
3. The third is the SpeakAsia Panelist Network Income Model, where you get paid contractually by the number of surveys answered correctly and sent in to the web server administrator, and the residual income generated by the network teams of subsidiary panelists in the manner designated as per given plan: your income originates from the up and coming survey builders in your down-groups that are leveraging each level’s efforts; and then by the various commissions on branded products available for optional distribution.
Now think! What is the maximum amount of time you could possibly work in a week? Well, if you worked six days a week for 24 hours a day you would achieve 144hrs of productive work. That is too heavy a workload though, and unrealistic!
Let’s look at it another way. If you had 50 Panelists in your organisation all working part time for 7 hours a week you would have 350hrs of productivity going into your business every week. That is 206 hrs. more than you by yourself could achieve working six days a week 24hrs a day!
This is absolutely brilliant and practical, because this is what the already wealthy people know and implement! This is the concept of leverage! And this is what we do in the network business: we leverage the efforts of lots of business builders to create residual income from all the people we bring into the business absolutely legally to mutual benefit.
These incomes that are being thus generated are very lucrative and very profitable, literally producing 80 and 90 % profit margins; at times worth tens of millions of rupees as individual business entities, and which can be sold as that, if you like. There are networkers all over the world literally producing high 5, 6 and even 7 figure monthly incomes!
You say, "7 figures a month!" That's Millions of Rupees! Even though that is quite excellent it certainly is not unprecedented and SPKA already have many such Power Panelists. However, it is true that some people don't make all that much money right away when they join a network marketing opportunity. But whose fault is that, their own or the network marketing plan? One needs personal-professional quality as well as company quality in order to show worthwhile positive results: so here’s a list of 8 qualities needed to succeed
  • Desire/Passion/Enthusiasm; every successful person in the Network Marketing Industry will always be absolutely excited about their business! They must Love and trust everything about it: the company, the plan, the people, etc. Sometimes it is an infectious trait and that's a good thing. Bottom line: if you don't love what you do and have enthusiastic trust for your Network Business Opportunity, no one else will either.
  • Courage and Persistence; it takes real courage to put yourself out there in the open market, to do something "different" than normally expected of you, and not everything you try will work out as planned. You have to be willing to fail and start over if necessary. Find out what works well, keep that and toss out the rest: it has no business value.
  • Commitment/Dedication; will you see your plan through? No matter what anyone tells you or what you read on the internet: any real home business, network panelist market research or any other, will require a certain deal of concentrated work to be successful; and it won't happen overnight either. Those who make money at internet networking are the ones who don't give up at the first little speed-breaker bump in the road.
  • Self Confidence/Self Respect; the best leaders must be people who’re very self-confident and honest. You can't be a leader if you're unsure and always second guessing yourself, or trying to hide something untrue. When you are confident in yourself, it truly doesn't matter what others think of you or even if you sometimes fail at an individual task because: if things don't work out as planned you'll simply make adjustments, learn from it, and still move forward.
  • Have a Plan; follow a business plan as with SPKA and work your plan. Networking success doesn't happen by accident. Having a written business plan is critical to the success of your home business opportunity, and having strong software to handle your administration like the SPKA web panel control centre software will guarantee you make no mistakes and don’t get cheated in any way. In SPKA there is no way to be cheated or to indeed cheat!
  • Time Management Skills; especially when you work from home, managing your time is mission critical. You don't have a boss leaning over your shoulder telling you what to do and when to do it, so self-discipline is a must.
  • Hard Work; one of the reasons some people quit or give up on their network from home opportunity is because they thought it would be quick and easy: no sweat or time input required: easy money at the expense of others. Well, any successful home business owner will tell you it's the most work you'll ever love doing. You'll work more than you did on your old Job (at least at first) and put in fewer hours, but you won't notice or mind because you'll be enjoying it so much.
  • Integrity; say what you mean and mean what you say, under no circumstances are you to lie! SPKA is a transparent and honest company venture with a business plan that may well be slightly complex at first, but with time will become clear as to the true consumer miracle it is. Live up to your own standards. I think this really is the key to success in life and family relations as well.
Learn to use the website you are being hosted on and utilize the tools provided. In the case of SPKA the web-panel control page provided the panelist becomes your de facto back-office administration centre. You must study the various income-generating numbers and do the homework! Know the entire detailed plan so well you can recite it in your sleep; ask questions of your up-line leadership whenever required and take notes. Have a strategy: it is the confidence you display by your knowledge that will inspire confidence to your target audience!
Every successful business is set up based on timely evaluation of your plan and its ideas. The time frame you set to get results is very important as there is no point in looking for overwhelming results within weeks or even the first few months. The so called ‘small change’ linear income expectation mentality has to be discarded at any cost and replaced with a clear and realistic millionaire perspective based on the facts of the true SPKA plan.
It may take some time of up to six (6) months before you will see results that somewhat satisfy, so come up with a realistic time frame. Split this time structure into several parts and set different promotional goals to achieve. Inspect occasionally and see if you are reaching your goal compared to previous business experiences by either yourself or other panellists.
Keep yourself updated; when it comes to the internet, what you learn today may not work as well tomorrow: read the E-Zine Bulletins available from SPKA (f.ex.), and know what you are talking about. The survey & market research industry is a real US $750 million global industry, and SPKA is Asia’s largest integrated online survey group. Our customers include panel dealers who cater to corporate manufacturers of multinational products and services organizations, advertising agencies, marketing research organizations and web portals. It is important our panelists are aware and correct.
The company has vested interests in and connections to the world renowned HMT group that has over the past two decades created a unique place for itself in the global market through highly successful business ventures in the realms of Property Development, Construction, Marketing Services, Automobile Parts and, of course, Market Research & Services, of which networking is an integral part.
SPKA is the HMT group’s first inroad into the Online Market Research realm as a panel provider, driven by the untiring genius of Ms’ Haren Kaur, and we have a well-planned strategic presence in not only India, but soon to come in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Singapore as well.
The goal aspired to by SPKA looks to cross the US$ 115 million as we already are in process of doing even now (2010-2011 = US $80 million generated of which some $50 million have been paid out to panellists and others,) by building multiple panelist teams in a short time throughout India. In network marketing today it’s actually easier to build your team at a faster pace than it is to build at a slow pace.
That seems like a very contrary statement. “Doesn’t it take more work to build the business quickly?” You might ask. Yes and no.
While granted it does take more work initially to build the business quickly, in the long run a networker who builds the business slowly will do significantly more work than one who builds the business quickly: people love to feel like they are part of a winning team. This is why it’s significantly easier and wiser to build a network team quickly.
People want to feel like they are a part of something. The fresh recruits in fewer days have likely met each other, been to meetings, been on conference and training seminars with each other and so on. As a result they are more likely to stick around. Whereas the people over the course of a year might not even know about each other, by the time the later fresher comes on board the earlier have already failed to generate new down-line panelists and just answer surveys, if that. (Current SPKA participation in remunerative pay-outs is 85% of our strength.)
So all in all: never forget this is a numbers game; Networking is simply a numbers game. The more numbers you put into the equation, the more success you are going to have and the faster that success is going to come. An income generating numbers game is ‘non-moral’ and when used honestly will give great benefit to its players, especially when multiple income generating sources are available as is the case with SPKA.
This is why it is important take inventory of your prospecting efforts to play the numbers game well. For example, suppose you do a presentation to 10 prospective panelists. Out of the 10, one signs up for the business right away. Let’s also suppose that you will need to recruit 7 new panelists in order to find 1 that will duplicate the 1 out of 10 ratio fresh recruiting results as well.
Let us assume one networker does 10 presentations a month. The other does 10 presentations a week. What’s the difference in their results? It’s huge! The networker that does 10 presentations a month will get 1 fresher a month. Over the course of a year, they will probably find only one or two persons who will actually do anything constructive. This team after a year would be less than a dozen people.
The networker that does 10 presentations a week will get 4 panelist recruits a month. Every other month they will find one person who will actually do something to build their network business. Compounded over the course of a year, this panelist would have a team of hundreds or thousands of networkers.
This is why it’s easier to build a network business fast. Building the business fast gets your results fast, which gets your income up fast. Additional income builds your belief level faster and also gives you additional financial resources that you can reinvest into your business. So build your network business fast, not slowly: then watch your income explode!
I suggest you send an email inquiry to everyone you know, like this: ‘Hi! I hope this email finds you and your family well. Would you do me a quick favor? I'm in the market survey business now, looking for likeminded E-survey panelists who would like to get paid for their opinions of the various brands and products available today. If you could send me the name and contact information of anyone who’d like to make 500/- Rupees per E-survey, I would really appreciate it!’
Better still, pick up the phone and call the 20 most-connected people you know and use the above message as your script and then make appointments with them soonest. There is no need to explain everything on the phone right away; besides, most people need several meetings in order to understand the real ground reality value of making serious money: small change or hand to mouth mentality simply will not do, as already said!
All right, you've decided to take the step and get started in SPKA networking. You've decided what you want out of it. You know what to say when people ask, "What do you do?" You know where you want to go because you've thought about whom you need to connect with, what you can do for them and how they will fit into your network. You've made sure to always be ready with your business cards and presentation tools.
Once you get started and get over this initial preparation, you should want to deepen your PR and networking skills. Here are several things you can work on right away:
Polish your small talk. We sometimes think that small talk, the light conversation style that includes the latest sports or weather or complaints about traffic is pointless. But it is important in the sense that it provides a bit of a cushion when we first meet someone new.
While it's not good to beat around the bush or have pointless, meaningless conversation, so to say, we want to give someone a little bit of time to size us up. We should learn about each other’s rhythms and styles before we start going deeper in any business related conversation. We should also find out what we might have in common and what interests we share when we engage in small talk, as this will create a mutually comfortable platform on which to proceed.
Then follow up with people you meet. There's a saying that "the fortune is in the follow up." This is probably based on the statistics, which show that marketing people rarely close a deal on the first contact with a potential networker. Or the advertising statistics which state that it takes seven exposures before someone even registers an advertisement. Whatever you're trying to accomplish with networking, it requires more than one exposure to any presentation. Follow up is our way of getting familiar with other people and getting them familiar with us.
Always keep track of whom you've met. When you need to follow up or get back in touch with someone you've met, it's hard to dig though a stack of mixed business cards, or track through your desk drawers. A Rolodex, a computer database or any other way of keeping track of who you know is vital. It's worth hiring someone to put them into a searchable system so you can always refer to them by name, company, what they do or how you met.
Networking with SPKA is a process of long-term building up mutually beneficial relationships by sharing information, ideas, experiences, and relationships. It is a skill that can be built, improved, and refined by knowing the ins and outs of connecting with people and creating long-lasting connections. Work on these skills consistently and you'll find your network growing and supporting you comfortably.
SpeakAsia Power Networkers need to have direction and be goal oriented as previously pointed out. These key factors increase the potential of networking success. Goals are critical elements to identifying or searching out potential opportunities: good business is where you find it. Goals also add structure and relevance to networking objectives and the overall purpose for advancement.
Design a Networking Team with key strategies for establishing an efficient agenda. As leaders, professionals should consider creating a networking team as a body of individuals who are dedicated to your business and social advancement. They serve as a consulting force of experts or panelists who provide resources, support, connections and affirmations to a person's committed networking goal.
The ideal team should be diverse. They should also have experiences and talents which run parallel to your objectives. This group of people should also be able to be trusted and reliable. The relationships and connections within the group should be viewed as long term as well as personal. Individuals should utilize their group members in the most effective ways and constantly work hard to improve the quality of the relationships.
There are many advantages to having a strong networking team. These people will keep you on track and focused with your agenda. They will provide the proper and timely support to achieve your goals. Team members ought to foster an atmosphere of loyalty and accountability. They can also be viewed as a board of directors or a sub-committee according to standards in the corporate world.
Once you have understood this concept of SpeakAsia, you are ready to not only make millions of rupees, but also to keep them and inspire others to do likewise.
I thought it fitting to give a brief assessment of the entire SPKA situation at this point as seen by faithful panellists in order to encourage and strengthen those who need it, and to rebuke and inform our antagonists by stating actual facts. It is evident from the various negative inputs by so called 'rival' networks that they do NOT have complete and up to date information on our true status and professional reality. They are out of date with many facts and jump to conclusions that suit their erroneous positions.
The fact SPKA has grown at an unprecedented rate has made some compromises necessary and that can/have perhaps hurt us somewhat. We may not actually have been responsible enough to follow up on the overall timely panellist training and down-line management strategies, which in fact gives way for panellists at times not having any set strategy, making them fall back on the 'old tested MLM' strategies, which of course do not apply in reality, and that may have caused a tad of confusion.
Mostly, however, panellist teams are aware of the facts: SPKA is a ‘survey panel’ provider company and the job of panellists is to answer surveys as well as voluntarily use binary systematics to propagate more panellists in order for the company to be able to position itself as a main panel provider to the various clients that buy panels and deal in such.
The survey gathering is actually not the major focus or force of the company as a whole, but rather a continual means to an end for advertising and market research entities who pay for such. The brilliant result of having such a ready-made, aware and functioning panellist force with ready cash earned through the survey activities is not lost on most of us, although to many it is still somewhat obscure. The consequent potential E & M commerce possible in the format of Consumer Empowerment is truly staggering, and what I personally think has seriously spooked our competition into the recent aberrational onslaught of negative propaganda to destabilize us by rival networks and their lackeys.
However, we panellists are more or less aware of the true circumstances and know that the obfuscation of the opposition is merely sensation created to induce a 'headless chicken panic' among panellists in order to attempt to destabilize SPKA. I'm not worried for our leadership, albeit I am proceeding from a base of assuming our company has covered all legal bases and requirements and thus do not expect any unpleasant surprises on the legal front. I remain certain that all company homework, so to say, has been done to full professional satisfaction, as would be required for the SPKA campaign to remain successful, which after all is the main idea.
It would seem to me we might have neglected in the sudden flurry of growth to emphasize to our panellists the true vocabulary and concepts necessary to convince the public at large that SPKA is not an investment company and that MLM is not the basis for our growth and success as such. There has been a very negative sheen thrown over us by detractors and business rivals that says we’re MLM, Ponzi and Pyramid schemes etc.; in fact our modus-operandi is, however, expansion of survey panellist teams being implemented as binary networking and thus it may be mistaken for MLM by the uninformed and ignorant, when rather it is multilevel propagation (MLP) and not marketing.
Since few are as yet aware of 'CORS', ‘Careers of the Rising Sun’ program, the facts and the purpose of this holistic 'set-up' that deals with actual product based Internet commerce, much confusion abounds. Nevertheless, this is due to the current malicious rumours going around being propagated by vested interest in Media about Speak Asia regarding totally baseless and unfound stories. We in fact wish to clarify our business model and dispel whatever doubts that might abound. CORS is designed to professionally handle the branded products market distribution by SPKA in its upcoming near future this year and is a matter of corporate discretionary policy.
The superb company strategy of selling subscriptions for activation and having only 1000 rupees registration fee, will certainly exonerate us from many of the current allegations: panellists buy education in the form of E-bulletins and thus qualify for the survey programs at free will, and that is that. At no time do panellists pay or invest any money into to the company for any reason whatsoever. The subsequent benefits we enjoy (both monetary and education wise) are as a result of our registered panellist membership and the rights to answer surveys because of having studied the market conditions through the E-bulletins.
It is, however, not knowledge panellists are being paid for, but rather general opinions and awareness! These opinions and awareness facts are then compiled and sold to clients who are in the market for such panel information. Obviously, the better informed and trained the panellist responses are, the higher value they will have in the market as a true and valid reflection of the consumer position on any given product, service or whatever else in the Indian market place.
The logical progression from panel value to consumer empowered commerce agents and distributors is magnificent and should most certainly be regarded as such: any business person with a sane mind will agree; the contention currently fuelling the controversy over SPKA's success in the Indian marketplace is simply that we got there first and are systematically eliminating any competition by sheer hard work and honest procedure!!!
Any of the present time accusations are merely 'sour grapes' fiddle-fuddle dispensed by the previous anachronistic dinosaurs in the same field who suddenly woke up to the facts of an amazingly successful company having 'pre-empted' them for the delicious cake they had so carelessly ignored by exploiting the Indian consumers themselves and giving only paltry sops in return.
Panellists have no complaints of substance with regards to the integrity of SpeakAsia, and so far everyone is getting paid, fed surveys and obtaining training: so where is the motive for crying wolf? As for government rules and regulations, we as panellists have to trust our administration staff and executive that they are doing their job as we are doing ours: very simple and mutually beneficial. It would make little sense for anyone to invest so much money and time and effort into a potential market just to run off illegally with a few Crores when many more Arabs stand to be made legitimately in the long run.
The immature and juvenile behavior of some media persons and vested business individuals clearly confirm our position and that of the company to sound and solid, and that the real contention here and now concerning SPKA is a matter of business rivalry and old school mentality being challenged by our company's avant-garde marketing strategies and plans.
Panellists have always known that the money paid to purchase subscriptions go to the accounts of Haren Kaur's company (HVP): for an example
‘Haren Ventures Pte Ltd. (HVP)
3,Temsasek Boulevard # 01-K10,Suntec City Mall,
Singapore 038983
Receipt No: 5660
Date: 24 July, 2010
The point here is that the company has always been transparent and factual; the old address of SPKA and the current address of SPKA shows the company growth, and I as a panellist have personally visited both and can verify their veracity. The size of the staff and their functions are business related and NOT for media speculation; we have been maligned and judged by the media as bogus, without any evidence whatsoever, and the campaign against us is based on the undemocratic and illegal assumption of portraying us a guilty until proven innocent as opposed to the legal democratic principle of being innocent until proven guilty; furthermore, as there are no complaints against us by any member panellists, the question of 'scam' or 'fraud' or indeed any legal infraction by the company does not even arise!
All the hype and allegations are carefully orchestrated smoke-screen tactics by the Jurassic competitors to SpeakAsia (SPKA) in order to destabilize the company panellist base and attempt to defame, slander and otherwise connect us to MLM frauds and such like: all of which is illegal activities by the very ones who claim to protect us as consumers. So, in conclusion let me state this: we as 2 million consumers are happy with SPKA: we are satisfied and are getting paid as per agreement and have no legal complaints, and we do not wish to be helped by the various self-appointed champions of democracy and consumer protection, who have over the many years not managed to do anything of appreciative value for us.
As I have come to understand SpeakAsia, it gives me a sense of confidence and belonging in an exciting and new age venture, to which I definitely can agree is the obvious future of not only marketing but also networking assets' pooling in the sense of talents, contacts and references in the overall global market. The survey aspects provides intelligence to select clients and service providers that counts for manufacture quality and price regulations (which consumers can now influence effectively), taking into account both the needs and desires of the consumers, as well as the required cost levels of the distributors and providers of whatever goods or services in question.
Obviously with such a huge base of united consumers as SpeakAsia has, with excellent credit ratings and ready cash accounts, which used to be a sellers dream; has now become a reality with SpeakAsia and that scares a lot of so called competitive corporate concerns, as they must now scramble to protect their own consumer bases (hence the recent Star Network vomitus attempting to create a 'headless chicken panic' among panellists) and confusion can set in among our own who have not put their trust in the intentions and services of SpeakAsia, in spite of being a SpeakAsia member.
Personally, I am convinced that the company is acting in its own best interest by caring for the interest of its marketing membership, and the evidence I have seen so far corroborates this axiom. I have no qualms about the integrity of the company, or about the capacity of the operational teams that run the company. I feel as much a part of the company as would any marketing executive in any reputed corporate structure, and act as such.
In view of the fact that the company has only recently entered the market, and that as an Indian entity, means there will be several 'growing pains' any new and upcoming infrastructure must undergo. Perhaps many will not immediately relate to this fact, but sooner or later it will become clear that the company did/will not fail its panellist base.
At no point have I been let down either professionally or ethically, so I assume other would have a similar experience; nevertheless, should any complaint or concern emerge, I take it seriously and investigate with a positive approach to show the complainant how his or her worries are in fact unfounded and probably due to either ignorance or miscommunication. I always confer with Sr. SpeakAsia Admin staff to be sure of what I myself am saying on behalf of the company as a panellist and what I am to understand myself in any given situation.
Keeping in mind the large financial transactions that take place I realize how important it is for security and safety of the executive of the company, and this carries for me into the panel transactions as well. We have grown at a pace hitherto unprecedented in world market history, which means eyebrows are definitely being raised everywhere. The fact that service tax and TDS is responsibly attended to by the company's planning teams is reassuring and a very wise aspect for continued growth, prestige, and global market status of the company as a whole.
Many lives have been or are in the process of being positively changed by SpeakAsia, so there must be a transition period where the realization of the stated promises of the company have been or are in the process of being kept as promised. This aspect seems to have created a need for many new, qualified but inexperienced young executives, who might give the impression of a somewhat lopsided admin team, because they are learning 'on the go' as it were, which in turn can at times create work related stress and temporary tensions due to unrealistic time-line expectations. This is, nevertheless, only temporary.
Sometimes we get our eyes on the front trees of the forest and fail to see the entire forest by looking too hard at the front so that we miss the larger picture. SpeakAsia is sort of like that: many people are looking at the survey and binary income and missing the overall meaning of the potential future income generating possibilities of the E-M commerce via CORS. Of course, the implications of such a magnificent system is staggering, however, at the same time it is an inevitable progression of E-marketing and Internet culture, which is the future.
So all in all, I would say that the future has begun in earnest with SpeakAsia, and I am proud to be a part of this process in such a personal way as is with Panellist SpeakAsia culture. Finally, permit me to say that I envision at least several years of unhindered business growth before any serious revision of strategy and methods would need be, perhaps on account of Central Government policies and such; the company simply fits into the niche of global marketing progress and efficiency, and therefore will not have any obstacles of serious concern in the business sector. Clearly this is what the corporate world wants and is looking for as pioneer enterprise: to freely cross market borders and simultaneously take into consideration the consumer viewpoints that matter.


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