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Friday, 16 November 2012

Crime Petrol Dastak Speak Asia Case 16 November 2012

Crime Petrol Dastak Speak Asia - 16 November 2012
Please allow me to place before you the story from the affected 20 lakhs panelists’ view point.
On 7th of September 2011 Speak Asia Online have Launched a Website and Claims its Speak Asia Exit Option from 9th of September they started to Mail and Sharing on their Blog that Exit Option Comes but the Truth is No Use Exit Option Can Help 

Experts on 14 September Says : Read Below -

Speak Asia Online Can Become Legal Company in India

Harender Kaur so called Owner of Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd .She is the One who make Speak Asia Management in India in which their area almost Vivek Gautam , Tarak Bajpai Narayanan Rajagopalan , 
Manoj Kumar , Sanjeev Mehta and Sanjay Dwived. All this Team was introduced By Speak Asia Conference Mumbai on 16th of May . When a News Channel Named Star News Says that Speak Asia is Fraud . 
The Case was Going on But on Speak Asia Tarak Bajpai Arrested 29 July 2011 in Night From his Residence in Indore it is Known as Black Friday.After Speak Asia Management Missing .. People of Speak Asia Take Charge which is Known as Speak Asia Panelist Association

On 31 August 2012

On 19 September 2012
Means after this 50 carores can be distributed by court to those who have fill the
forms by lawyers or individuals .
Read the judgment copy below :

After this Mails are start coming to peoples:

Speak Asia Exit Option Mail

On 26 September 2012 WPST 3611/2011 Disposed
After the rejection of the case WPST 3611/2011 on 26th September which is filled by AISPA
regarding NON ARREST .. AISPA Secretary Mr. Ashok Bahirwani has been Arrested for taking
Anticipatiory Bail Case filled

                                     19 November 2012

22 November 2012
Bombay high court WPST 3210-3211 of 2011
Regarding Quashing of 2 FIR's

According to the News 16th November is the Case about :

Online Survey Company "Talk India" scam case
They will show the entire history of speak asia case and will focus how a guy commits suicide (as shown in the ad) after hearing the news that he has been cheated by the company.
Crime Petrol Dastak SpeakAsia - 16 November 2012 Promo
Crime Petrol Dastak 
Nowhere named 
" Speak Asia" 
According to the 

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