Wednesday, 10 August 2011

SpeakAsia Missing Team - 10 August 2011

Speak Asia Missing Team
On 10 August We have done on the Research of Missing Team of Speak Asia . Speak Asia Company who
becomes Highlighted after  Genx Bazaar GOA which was happened on 9th to 11th May . In this Bazaar in between interviews Mr. Vivek Gautam has named the clients and give many statements to Press.

Suddenly on 11th May 2011 STAR News exposes Speak Asia Online Scam and on Speak Asia Conference Mumbai - 16 May 2011  their was management standing  to faviour Speak Asia Company .
From Left to Right :

Mr. Vivek Gautam : Chief Marketing Officer Before Speak Asia News . Mr. Vivek was shown in many conferences but after  news.. No Body Heard about him.

Mr. Tarak Bajpai : Chief Executive Officer  in EOW mumbai investigation it was proved that this is a person who is controlling the Speak Asia Online Website with his Links in Mumbai .

Mr. Narayanan Rajagopalan : This was giving training .

Mr. Manoj Kumar : In Dubai .

No News on Sanjeev Mehta and Sanjav Dwived

Now a Big Question a arise after Tarak Bajpai Who is taking care of their Role. Only their are people who have invested their money they are on Roads for Fighting it Back. Why not a Single Management person comes and Say I am with You.

On what Base Speak Asians are saying EOW will give a clean cheat and if Government  Give a Clean Chit did all this management People will come and say to Speakasians Yes we are with you.

A Company which is not faviouring their own members . How can Members Trust a Company Like this ?

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