Wednesday, 10 August 2011

SPEAKASIA BACHO Panelist Samiti-Dharna Pradarshan Kanpur - 10 Aug 2011

Today Daily Speak Asia Member are Doing Raily , Dharna to Save Speak Asia and want to Tell the Government the Speak is a Genuine Lets See at once what is Happening on Daily Basis.

On 26th of June  CID Arrested 2 franchisees Andhra Pradesh  while in Investigating the franchises  CID
get to know that their is 130 Carror in Franchises Company account and money is circulating out of India.
So Andhra CID do a Case on Speak Asia .

On 27th of  July get some proof regarding involvements of some Speak Asia Big Names . While Andhra Pardesh CID Case on Speak Asia the case is on the way and Mr Tarak bajpai have anti spetry bail in this case.

On 29th in early morning Mr. Tarak Bajpai Speak Asia  COO ( Chief Executive Officer ) in Speak Asia Management  was taken from Home .
In Early their a News comes Speak Asia Tarak Bajpai Arrested 29 July 2011But Mr. Tarak has said " I am Just Going for an Investigation " but on 29th their was the News that Tarak Bajpai & Top Officials in Judicial custody till 4 Aug 2011 and this case was taken EOW Mumbai  .

Economic Offences Wing (EOW)  its Part of Criminal Investigation Department for matter of Specially  Financial Fraud was taken Care by EOW . EOW Mumbai Clears that they taken custody after a Report is Filling by Mr. Navneet Khosla ( A Speak Asian ).

While Taken into custody Speak Asia New Website was  under control of EOW so their will be No Surveys and Pop Ups can Come From Speak Asia Online Shopping  website.

On 29th July when their was News that Tarak and Other 4 was arrested a fake news comes of
Speak Asia CEO Arrested and EOW Mumbai Told that CEO Manoj Kumar has Run Away to Dubai.

On 30th From Speak Asia Pop Comes that Mr. Manoj Kumar will Address to Speak Asians promised
time was 7:00 PM in the Evening according to Indian Time But it was Live at 11:00 PM .Speak Asia CEO Address to Speak Asians on  30th .

On 31th July YUG  first advertisement comes in News Paper Yug 1st Advertisement - In News Paper 31 July 2011

First Thing to Save Speak Asia Started from Nagpur

On 31th July Sunday Evening :Speak Asia Panelist Union Nagpur

Starting of August on 1st Aaj Tak Shows the Video of CEO Manoj Kumar.

On 2nd of August : Kirit Somaiya Said Speak Asia Can Not Stopped and Peace Candle March Bhopal
 and Speak Asia Send Money to Abroad - R R Patil

On 3rd of August : Speak Asia Exit Option News on Aaj Tak and  Speak Asia Support Rally Ludhiana
by a Advertisement  Speak Asia Company Tell we are not going any where  Economic Times Of India Mumbai 03 August 2011  and EOW Mubai  Red Corner Notice against SpeakAsia Haren Kaur and
Cyber Investigation Started After Speak Asia News
While Doing Cyber and Another Investigations EOW Mumbai Gets Some Proof and For Other Reasons
Speak Asia Tarak Bajpai Sent Police custody On 4 August 2011 and Other 4 Was Send to Police Custody till 12th of August  . Speak Asians not stoped and they Speakasia Drug Rally 4 August 2011

On 5th of August  Speak Asia Account Hacked Navneet Khosla in Morning paper news in after noon Speak Asia Protest Jantar Mantar Delhi  but due to some problem very less people comes . On Other Side in EOW investigation they said Speak Asia Managed By Tulsient Consultancy and it has been proved the that CEO of Speak Asia Mr. Manoj Kumar is CEO of this Company On 15th May 2011 when STAR News exposes Speak Asia Online Scam so in that case Speak Asia Conference Mumbai - 16 May 2011
 and Mr. Manoj Kumar Becomes CEO in a night as in Conference Hariender Kaur Known to be CEO or ( Owner of Speak Asia ) can not come. On 5th August Speak Asia has send a Copy to speak asians by mail
Speak Asia Letter to Reserve Bank of India  . In the Night some peoples Write the letter Blood Letter By Speak Asians - KushiNagar

On 6th of August in a Program name  STORYBOARD on CNBC TV 18 :Speak Asia News CNBC TV 6 August 2011 in the program they have called some speak asians and they said they have no problem regarding payment until  every news of fraud comes online. On 6th their was discussion on Speak Asia News In Parliament of India . In the afternoon a News come Speak Asia Complaint in EOW Indore  same place where mr. Tarak Bajpai Lives. From Pune the news was SpeakAsia Pune Panelists Signature Campaign was done by hundards of peoples.

On 7th of August Sunday : SpeakAsia Website Closed and showing a Error Request For March At Jantar Mantar on 7th August 2011 and in afternoon their was news of SpeakAsia Protest on 7 Aug At Jantar Mantar News here 2000 Peoples come and said Speak Asia is Not Fraud.

On 8th of August Monday :  Speak Asia Website is Released and its Working Online But Still By EOW observation . EOW Mumbai also said that YUG Products are Chinese Not German and the products are By Hisense Company which is in CHINA .
 Speak Asia Agent Complaint Lucknow and EOW Mumbai File Complaints From Speak Asia Franchise
on 8th one of franchise give a written complaint against Speak Asia Online .

On 9th of August , Tuesday : SpeakAsia Samarthan Yatra Indore-To-Mumbai AMIT SABLOK has Started this Trip and a Reporter has investigated him.

Today on 10th of August One more Dharma Now in Kanpur
SPEAKASIA BACHO Panelist Samiti Dharna Pradarshan Kanpur 10-August-2011
SPEAKASIA BACHO Panelist Samiti-Dharna Pradarshan Kanpur  
SPEAKASIA BACHO Panelist SamitiDharna Pradarshan Kanpur
SPEAK ASIA BACHO Panelist Samiti Dharna Pradarshan Kanpur 10 Aug 2011
Speak Asia Bacho Panelist Samiti Dharna Pradarshan Kanpur Picture 1
Speak Asia Bacho Panelist Samiti Dharna Pradarshan Kanpur Picture2
Speak Asia Bacho Panelist Samiti Dharna Pradarshan Kanpur Picture 3
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