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Speak Asia Ceo Manoj Kumar 30 July 2011

Speak Asia CEO Address to Speak Asians As Promised At 7:00 PM 
as Usual Late Video was Online at 11:00 PM 30 July 2011

( Speech by CEO Speak Asia Question whose Money is Invested and Worried )
Speak Asia CEO Manoj Kumar Address Speak Asians - 30 July 2011

Good Evening Speak Asians ,
 I am Manoj Kumar, CEo of your company Speak Asia . I have been traveling for the  business from last 10 days and 2 days back i learned about a complaint which is filled in EOW Bombay against your company. I am Really Disturbed when i learn t about this  complaint . I want this Time , i want this Opportunity to connect into the risk my extended people of speak Asians .Friends i am soon going to be back among all of you
in India. I want to take few movements to address you and talk about what we at  speak asia have been dealing together with all this from last 3 - 4 Months .

Their are 3 Points which i want to clear all of you :

Point 1 : Now we are subject to unparrell victamisation since 11 May 2011 due to a malicious unsubstantiated  compagin started by a Telivison channel started against your company and
some other westend interst join hands while these westend end are only worried their
personal glory their gains their money they are forgetting compleatly a dlegatly chossing to
ignore the p lite and faith of more the 15 Lakhs ( Speak Asian : Amazing Company is said its 20 Lakhs last time  is 5 Lakhs are Looses their interest and Leave Speak Asia or company dont paid to them )

Famlies for whom speak asia continues to be a major catlyist . Major Source of achiving of achiving ecnomical  independence .
( Speak Asian : If company knows that they are source for 15 lakh earning why company is not paying
from last 2 Months instead of Money company is saying to Purchase products from Reward Points . Can
these famlies will pay LCD TV as their childrean fees in the school .. Did Speak Asia Don't know
their 1st preority is to give money to speak asians from any source when company can is paying is
from last 1 year why they are not paying Now ? ) .

We are Not commited any Crimes .
( Speak Asian : If Speak Asia company did not commit any crime why does CEO in Dubai for walk why not a speak asian who have invested his hard money in speak asia .. What does that speak asian crime ? )

You are Not Commited any Crime. You are not Done Any thing Wrong .
(Speak Asian :  Ya We SpeakAsins Crime is to Trust a company who is not willing to pay from
Last 2 months and show us a big future and said catch more 100 of person and Company will give
Rs.1000 for per joining .. means speak asia is not paying for Suryes its paying to people for
other joining.. And this is crime of a Speak Asian as he break trust of his relatives and
friend to make them join speak asia for his/her Rs.1000 commision and Now Company cheat every
body and saying to Speak Asians you will all fight and we are with you.. Why A Speak Asian its
headache of the Company who give the gurantied money back )

Till date neither your company nor any person from Speak Asia Managment done any thing wrong .Any of the executive is charged for any missdoings ?
( Speak Asian : This is called Directally Lieing on the Face of Speak Asian Already a Case in AP
and EOW is having case. All the goverment agencies including prime menister house are investigating
about Speak Asia.. And Mr.Tarak and other 4 are already arrested in Judical Custody .. are they not
charged so is Mr. Tarak is gone for some offical visit. )

Point 2 :  My fellow Speak Asians its each of you and your collective commitment that give us vital and all
important strength and Insiprations .
( Speak Asian : Manoj ji its our collective money which we collect from a long time and after trusting
your exectives we give that money and by that money all the Speak Asia managment is on Dubai Tours with
a Big Money amount .We Speak Asians from last 2 Months daily get a new date for payout .. We are Not Enjoying this Face .)

This Insipration is to go on and take each day as it comes . We are 15 Lakhs of you with us who belive in
what speak asia does and belive in great future thats heads of get together .
( Speak Asian : : Yes , Sir we are with you for the great future but the thing where is our payment of our
surveys we dont need a product where we will pay of 10% of Reward Points other 90% is Cash means on Step 1 you make reward points and now you are selling products.. This is not great Future of Speak Asians this Only Great Future of Speak Asia Company .)

Point 3 . We are Meeting all the requrments that goverment and authorities meets from your company .
( Speak Asian : : At that time of joining did the company is registered yes its from Singapore and working
in Singapore for 5 years and In India we are from 1 Year. From 1 Year company has so much of money why
don't company registered in 1 Year why thing is registration starts after the News .. We Company wants
PAN Card Now .. as at time of taking Money Speak Asia company forgets all the things of Company registration.In Speak Asia Managment their are tooo much big names they are so FOOL or they don't know How to Register a Company )

You know we formalising our India operations for opening offices in Mumabi .
( Speak Asian : Why now making office in mumbai their are 138 francies already in India and 18 in Mumbai why speak asia company not make them any thing in 1 Year. )

We are stoned any effort to approch the consultant authority . You company has gone indian High Court and
you are aware bombay high court has said to RBI to give a hearing the company . We have approched EOW mumbai on 15th May , 17th May and after that our lawyers meet they have interviewed our distributors . Our Idea was to Provide all the information that they need. Corporate them what they want from us and we are still doing us so.
( Speak Asian : : Why Only 15th May 2011 after star news said speak asia company is fraud why not before company taken permission from RBI .. Making these distributers company takes time why not that time .. Company approched any agency and Said we are Singapore we are from last 5 years this was our balance sheet of there . How can We Start Business in India )

We have been insured and participation in any enquiry or investigation initated that is conduct by indian
goverment authorities . Infact for this very reason we reached by E-MAIL to all the authorities including
prime minister office 15th May .. We write to chief minister , we wrote to finance minister we write to
company affairs
( Speak Asian : Why to reach out by email is company managment is so busy that can not make a metting fixed with any minister ..speacilly finance minister as after their permission no some problem these problem ever comes.. If company plans is so much good why company is saying in all investigations that we never said said  any where we will give Rs.52000 in 1 year.. In a Statement after arrest Tarak said " This is Point based
people is given after they make points. Which points tarak sir is talking survey point or binery points ..
Means company is calculating Binery income only as their is nothing as Survey.. ) ...
Why 15th May why not 14th May or any Other after Some one caught you Red handed if you said that no i am not taking money from peoples pocket i am not a POCKET MAAR .. is this matter )

so that they can understand Our business so that unfounded allegation affected our reputation .
( Speak Asian : If company was so much concered about reputation we don't company wants to understand when they are not paying money for any reason.. They are blammed .. If they want their repotation.. Company must give exit plan first .. Give all the Survey Income and after that only company have to say that ..
This is Speak Asia .. Now if you want our Yug Products purchase )

We have already talk about a setup indian office after that setup .. We will open office 5 zones accross india.
This is to grow the business in the years ahead.

I Manoj kumar Joined as CEO 15th May 2011 prmoise to lead you from the front .
I thank you and Soon in Mumbai.

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At 31 July 2011 at 22:51 , Blogger prashant mishra said...

its a big hope for us speak Asian......thanx mr manoj.....

At 1 August 2011 at 22:44 , Blogger speak asian said...

this is very bad for panalist

At 4 August 2011 at 06:41 , Blogger gopal said...

plz post real condition of company


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