Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mca Offers Registration Of New Companies Within 24 Hours

Mca Offers Registration Of New Companies Within 24 Hours.

As We Know that Speak asia Company has submit request for Opening the New Account as according to

Speak Asia Pop Up 25 July 2011

 If Company was clear the RBI Issue then it Sure good News as Registration is Only 1 Day Issue and

Speak Asia Company  Speak Asia Liaison Office In India  but speak asia company will register itself as Speak Asia Online Shopping where company will Sell the Products and Give Commissions on Product Sale .

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has simplified procedures to enable incorporation  of companies within 24 hours with effect from 11th August, 2011 as Under:

1. Online Allotment of Directors Identification Number(DIN) by the system immediately.

2. Online Application and approval of Name by the system immediately.

3. Online Filling and registration of incorporation forms and e-form of memorandum  and articles of association with digital signatures of promoters and professionals  by the system immediately.

4. Online issue of Incorporation certificate by ROC under his digital signature  within 24 Hours on Incorporation.

According to davp/07101/11/0078/1112

Same News In Hindi
Registration of New Companies Within 24 Hours - Hindi

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