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Speak Asia Online Shopping - 13 July 2011

The Hindustan Time , Lucknow Edition on 13 July 2011
Their was a Article on Internet Shopping according to this on Internet the Price of Products are much more cheaper then the market .

Online Shopping Advantages

1.Shopping Can be done 24 Hours and 7 days a Week .
2.With Help of You Computer or with your Laptop with Internet connection you can easily see the product description and order the products from Anywhere in India.
3.Many Shopping websites offers Gift Certificates by which you get discount on any items presented
in Same Website.
4.Now People can directly visit the website of Manufacturer / Distributor and order the things with the payment gateway options after payment is received .Manufacturer / Distributor Send your desired products to address mentioned on the Order form.

 Online Shopping Disadvantages
1.People trust is Less on Online shopping website.
2.Online Transactions are not safe as use of credit card.
3.Some people want order in bulk so they want to touch the products.

Overcome from Disadvantages
We Known some of Online Shopping Website which is having solutions to the online ordering problems.

1. Asian Agencies is Online Stationery Store having office's and warehouses in New Delhi , Head Office in 12A/1, W.E.A. Karol Bagh. Company is having distributor of many well known brands Such As Solo Stationery ,
Oddy Stationery , Alkosign display systems  , 3M Office Stationery , Stedfast Paper Shredder , Alkon Plastics and Corporate Gifts   company is having all the solutions regarding office and School Stationery . From The Website When you order the products a mail will go to Asian Agencies Stationery Store
 and  company will confirm the order first if you want single product first then that will be send by courier no need 
of credit card for ordering . Check the List of Stationery Items 

2. Raj Orien Industries is Medical Transcription Equipment Company having Head Office in Delhi , Uttam Nagar. Company Owner Mr. Shashi Bhushan is Shah is Well Know in Transcription Industry. Company Produce Foot Pedals which is used to transcribe voice files by playing them from feet it leaves you hands free so that you can type on highest speed for accuracy . Best is usb foot pedal  Plastic Model Cost Rs.2200/-  delivery any where in India. 

Disadvantages with Speak Asia Online Shopping  
Speak Asia is Selling Electronic goods of a Speak Asia YUG 
 about this no body knows any thing until people see the products in their hand by seeing a picture trust can not be made .
What about Quality of speak Asia products no body can say any thing on that ?
What About After Sale Service how can company provide that ?
Major Question : Is Speak Asia Company have made manufacturing unit of all these products if so how as company money is freezed from last 2 Months in India. 

Hindustantimes Lucknow Edition 13 -07-2011


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