Sunday, 10 July 2011

Speak Asia New Website Launched

Its Launched on 11 July 6:28AM 
Speak Asia New Website
is not completed. Check Speak Asia New Website Look  
and See Speak Asia Login 

10 July  at 11:00 PM 
A Message on Social Networking is 
" Due to heavy traffic they are not able to launch the site."

10 July 8:50 PM its Seeming Everything a
New Pop  Up Comes 
Speak Asia New Pop Regarding Website Upgrade

Today on 10 July Speak Asia Website Upgrading
Speak Asia Login Page Upgrade 20 july 2011
At Time 08:40 PM Speak Asia Home Page Come Back 
and Speak Asian Login page Showing Upgrading

At 08:20 PM Speakasia Website Upgrade 20july 2011

10 July 6:50 POP-UP
According to  Speak Asia News 1 July : Business re-start meeting on July 9th in Mumbai
It was said in the Pop-UP that a Meeting was held in Mumbai  on  9th of July in Mumbai
After that News Come due to Some Problem Meeting is canceled on but a
Speak Asia Official Meeting 8 July 2011

On Speak Asia News on 10 July 2011 
its is said that a  Meeting is going on and Website will be launch in Evening .
And In a Evening a POP-UP comes which Says :

With Speak Asia New Website you can use e-commerce.
Speak Asia Singapore Bank Accounts Freezes  which leads to the payment problems and we are waiting for the clearance from various government authorities for  opening permanent office in Mumbai - India.
( But a Question AriseSpeak Asia Bank Account Soon Opened - 7 June 2011 ) Speak Asia  CEO Mr. Manoj Itself come to Media and Tell this .

After Speak Asia Website will be launched you can buy products and services from your reward points.After all the things get cleared from the government side we will do the work.

In Near Future you can Earn and Burn your Reward Points..
Message By Speak Asia Management

Today If Speak Asia Website will not  Come then it we be a Very
Depression for Speak Asian as they are awaited a Long for it
SpeakAsia Website Not Launch on 25 June 2011 
From a Pop They Get this Message more over 
Zee News 4th July - Speak Asia News  

But according to our research :
Speak Asia is Not Registered Under Registrar of Companies
and today Registrar of Companies Submit Report 10 July 2011
So Its Will be expected that 
Speak Asia Incoming News on 11 July 2011

Companies who started this investigation against Speak Asia :
On 18th May 2011 : Complaints filed by Dr. Kirit Somaiya,
Letter by Dr. Kirit Somaiya Against Speak Asia - 18 May 2011

MoneyLife Letter to Prime Minister Against Speak Asia Online - 17 May 2011

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