Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Speak Asia Surveys Stopped 6 – 19 July - 6 July News

POP UP From Speak Asia Online Website On 6th July 2011

Speak Asia Survey Closed
According to Website Experts Speak Asia Stopped surveys for some time as because company is Doing Backup on This Server for New Speak Website. Read About  Speak Asia New Website
and What is " YUG Speak Asia Brand " .

स्पेअक एशिया सुर्वे ६ जुलाई से १९ जुलाई तक नहीं हो पाएंगी ऐसा कदम न्यू वेबसाइट के बन्यान्ने के दोरान लिया जा रहा हैं.

Speak Asia POP UP 6th July 2011
As you are aware, there will be a transition from the existing website to the
completely new look website on Sunday, 10th July, 2011.

Due to this transition activity, no surveys will be sent between 6th July – 19th July.
The surveys will start coming to you on the new look site from Wednesday i.e 20th July, 2011.

An extension of 2 weeks will be given in lieu of the surveys missed during this transition period.


At 7 July 2011 at 07:16 , Blogger Honey said...

Mtlb 6july n 13july
k survey
20july ko aege.
Dat means 6survey ek sath aege 20july ko.
6,13july wale b milakar sath aege 20july ko.
6,13july wale b milakar

At 10 July 2011 at 07:06 , Blogger ashu said...

Mtlab Pehle payment band hua ab survey aane band hue, kuch din baad site bhi khulna band ho jayegi phir kya bhag gayi speakasia . nayi web site banane me 20 din ka time impossible.......Please dont wait for spekasia. Do another thing and make money


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