Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Speak Asia New Website

Launching Date : 5th July 2011 
Speak Asia Online Pte. ltd new Website will be One of Master Piece for Internet which is having Many Unique Features these type of website always created outside in Indian and Specially in USA .

As we All Known Website is Hosted on a Computer Name as Webserver and it is connected to Internet every Website is Having a Ip such on 1 IP more then Lakh's of Websites can be hosted but this is used when website visitors are less.

But when their are more then 1 Lakh New Visitors and Opening more 10 pages each of them .
This type of website needs a Dedicated Server as in this Website Work is Done in Secure Manner so it needs more Power ( Bandwidth )

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 Today on 22 June 2011 
Speakasiaonline.com receives about 265,669 unique visitors and 4,349,002 (16.37 per visitor) page views per day.

So In the new Website their will be Concept of cloud computing which refers to the use and access of multiple server-based computational resources via a digital network like WAN(wide area network)

After Implementation of this type of Server for Speak Asia Website survey problem will not be in new website as this website will have 3 more server to operate to avoid problems in doing .
News  24th June 2011
Speak Asia New Website Demo
There is some good news for Speak Asian that now they will be experiencing a new website of Speak Asia which will also include e-commerce and there new Brand YUG. The new website will also feature Air Booking Facilities and you can also buy product directly from your E-Wallet like Mobile, TV, clothes etc.

To confirm this you can call Speak Asia Helpline numbers :- 91-11-46488000 & 91-11-46170511 .

New Update :- New Website Of Speak Asia which was going to launch on 25th June 2011 has been postpone. Now you will get a new Pop-Up from Speak Asia on 1st July 2011 in which there will be the information regarding New Website Launch and may be YUG Brand Launch.

Speak Asia Website Features
 As we all Know Speak Asia Launch E-Commerce with Shopping Facility but 
Did you know What is E-Commerce and M Commerce ?

First Attraction News : Invested 30 lakh dolor in Making of the Website according to
Zee News 4th July - Speak Asia News

Speak Asia New Website Launch : On 10th July 2011 in Night

Speak Asia New Website Book Advertisements :  An additional
income apart from the ones already there.

With the new website, now there will be a verification of email address
and mobile number post the registration.
- Once you have registered, you will get an email which will have a link in it,
once you click on the link, your SAOL account will be active.

- For mobile verification, you will get an SMS on your registered mobile with a
verification code which will need to put into the verification box on the website.

There will be about 800 products and it will be launched in different phases.
SpeakAsia is coming up with three different category of products, which are:
Branded products
Semi branded products
Speak Asia Own Brand -
Speak Asia Yug

Online Shopping wit with 14 brands at Starting level . 
Including Speak Asia Own Brand YUG .
All this brands Speak Asia Give commission to their Panelists this can vary from level to level .
Their will be approx 3 Level Rate List 
1. Show Case Mode : Where any Body Can See you will See the Products on MRP rate but purchase will not be possible.
2. whole sale Rate : Assume you are speak asian and you have 50 other panelist under your tree then you will get products in rate of high discount .
3. Speak Asian Panelist. : Assume you are on the last of your tree or you have less then 3 people under your tree then you will get discount of 15% approx.

Shop the products and Earn Reward Point
Book Online adverts on the website


At 28 June 2011 at 02:27 , Blogger kushhh said...

temme 1 thing .. that we can only buy products from e-wallet or we can also use survey wallet for purchasing..?

At 29 June 2011 at 19:46 , Blogger sheebu said...

hi guys, today heard a new news about speakasia online that from now onwards the monthly payment has been reduced to 2000 which was earlier 4000 and now the remaining 2000Rs you have to spent on shopping new products.Is this true?????.... if it is,then the news is not pleasing.

At 17 September 2011 at 03:42 , Blogger Pavan said...

All this ok. But when will the website become functional. It is showing problem while logging.


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