Monday, 11 July 2011

Speak Asia News 11 July 2011

According to The Pop UP Speak Asia Company wants People will use Speak Asia Reward Points 
On the Speak Asia New Website  as Website Get Activated Fully .

Speak Asia New Website Launch at 11 July at 6:28 AM and Company Promise to Launch on 
10 July 2011 but after logging into Speak Asia Login their are many Errors are coming See the 
Speak Asia New Website Look and Features.

According to a News Speak Asia Incoming News on 11 July 2011 as Speak Asia Not Registered Under Registrar of companies

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Speak Asia POP UP 11 July 2:18 PM
The wait is over !!!!!!! 

Keeping in line with our strategy and as communicated earlier, we proudly present to you our new web-site. This site is our foundation for a 'new age e-commerce platform' designed to fulfill aspirations of an empowered consumer like you.

Operations in India; 

As you already know, our application for establishing a permanent establishment in India is awaiting government clearance.We really hope that we get a nod from the Government of India, in the coming weeks.

We did send a few test payments for the panelists and our suppliers for "rewards" in the last 15 days, sadly these amounts were not credited by their banks due to certain precautionary circulars issued by the Reserve Bank of India.

We have already put in process all the necessary actions with the competent authorities for allowing us to resume our normal banking operations.

In the meantime, with launch of this new web-site, you will be able to earn and burn your accrued reward points by buying products and services on the SpeakAsia platform. You will also be able to get subscription codes using your referral income. 

Dear friends, this is only the first of the many steps towards realising & fulfilling the dreams that all of us at Speak Asia share. We assure that in the near future you will be given a host of new opportunities to earn and burn your reward points. 

Look forward to your continuous support as always.

Thanking you

Team Speak Asia


At 11 July 2011 at 09:17 , Blogger ravi said...

thanka for speak asia you come back as fight after two month ravi verma gkp

At 19 July 2011 at 10:45 , Blogger zsdszf said...

peakasia is definately a fraud company...they are not in the mood for sending us any amount from Survey wallet Income as they eliminate the option of survey wallet income from the send cash request..and we can not purchase any item by using our Full survey wallet income if we purchase any item an only small amount of money will deduct from our survey wallet income rest of the money we have to pay in cash...And they are making us fool as if you all know about Websites, it will not take maximum more than 7 days to make a new website with all the options as they have on their website.....but i think they are launching there website from some scientific institution as they already take 2 months yet not be able to successful in their website...huh...


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