Monday, 18 July 2011

Speak Asia News 16 July 2011

According to ZEE BUSINESS & leading news papers like business standard  
Registar of Companies Submit Report 10 July 2011

According to resources That report has been submitted by roc and its a
positive report in a way of Personal Establishment  of Speak Asia Online
but just two days back according to news telecast by cnbc awaaz RBI and &
MCA together working for rules to be made for MLM companies who like to operate in India ie
PE should be must for every company .
As per news they have shortlisted 6 companies SAOL is one of them
for which they asked ROC to submit special report regarding the
documentation which has been submitted by these companies in various
govt departments before start operation , Moreover SAOL have all
legal documents which they already submitted .

Recently Saol appeal in mumbai HIGH COURT related to the unnecessary delay in getting register in india ,becoz of some govt department not cooperating , high court soon ask these departments the reason behind this .

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At 18 July 2011 at 13:33 , Blogger ADI said...

the only concern is that is d money still safe? is speak asia really willing 2 establish itself in india?


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