Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Online Shopping on Speak Asia New Website

Speak Asia Online Provides Speak Asian New Feature . Now Speak Asian Can Burn Their Reward Points
and Order the products from Speak Asia New Website . But its Made confusion as how much Reward Points can be used as previous it was said that People can used 100% From Speak Asia Reward Points  but when we try to order a product we see 10% product booking & cash 90% Delivery .
Example In Right Side Picture .
Speak Asia means with 10% reward Points booking means when your products get to your distributor then that distributor will ask for your Speak Asia ID at that time you have to balance 90% of Payment.

The Shopping PV will be distributed as follows, Every product will be defined with distribution PV.
The distribution will be as follows
25% will be given to direct
5% will be given to sponsor of that direct
5% will then be distributed above among 10 sponsorship Level.

We Found 100's of Speak Asians who have said that "We are not satisfied for this policy of business " as they don't do so much of hard work in making reward points on Speak Asia website for getting products 10% cheaper rate  but as "Speak Asia Says Product Purchasing is Not Compulsory " but if this is true . Speak Asia Incoming News is giving more worries as according to it Speak Asia will have to register with a new name get clean chit  from government.

Speak Asian can also wait for Speak Asia Exit Option will come in August 1st week of 2011.

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At 12 July 2011 at 23:45 , Blogger shajiajarkali said...

According to the speak asia customer care the balance also can be paid by RPs, in the screenshot attached with the above news you can see the balance amount has been given as 341.96 (17,098) means 341.96 RPs or Rs.17.098. It is confirmed from the customer care, so no worries regarding this


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