Monday, 18 July 2011

Speak Asia Delay Denial - 17 July PopUp 2011

Delay is the Deadliest form of denial
In 17th July Pop Up on Speak Asia Online Website Clearly Mention Now the Its Speak Asia Can't Give a Specific Time for Money Payment or For the Gifts . 

Some of the basic question arises ?

Speak Asia Says in its Pop-UP
Speak Asia‎ Singapore Bank Accounts Freezes
  but their are account are forzen on 27 May 2011then who have done payment of Making  Speak Asia New Website ?

Mr. Tarak and Other Speak Asia Management People doing every thing such as 

Speak Asia Online Event In Delhi Talkatora Stadium On 9 June 2011

Speak Asia Big Presentations - Tarak Bajpai

who is Paying his salary and all the expenditure of the place and every thing.

If Speak Asia Online knew that their personal Establishment can not be made until government of India give them permission why they launch the website and start their new work and Said to People to purchase products.

Speak Asia Company is saying that they will go High Court previous ally case is already in supreme court until that comes they can't go to High Court...

Speak Asia their only account in RBI frozen but speak asia is working in India from last 1 year in India and 6 years in singapore they don't have so much of funds that they can give back the money from any other source.

Speak Asia Says every Body is after them and they have cornered them and let no choice for them.Then why are they going to  court when they know nothing can happened.

Speak Asian Lovers Said "Yahoo is Our Enemy in website advertiments" 
Yahoo is having money billions and they earn so much that speak asia earn in 10 years =Yahoo People Salary for 1 Month .

Speak Asia VS Star TV : If they know that Star TV said wrong about them ?
They can do a Case on them and Give case number to speak asia Lovers .

Every Where their is proof that Star TV Proves that Speak Asia is Fraud but no where their is NO Video proof of that Star TV is Appoligise for their work .

What in court Speak Asia Company can Proof ?
Speak Asia Take all money in Cash it means its Black Money why Government or any agencies get into India.

In court Speak Asia is defeated and it will be
Speak Asia Incoming News

Previous ally it was Said 
"Proud to be Speak Asian
and Now It Becomes 
"Worried to be Speak Asian"

Its always Said By Speak Asia Earn and Burn no where is Written on Website that Speak Asia Said Give Speak Asia 11,000 ( Black Money ) in Cash and get Rs.52,000( White Money)

Its not the survey income which is given by Speak Asia company company is paying only for the new joining by you in to company .

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At 24 July 2011 at 06:01 , Blogger mahesh said...

After seeing this any one can conclude that Speak Asia is fraud company and all the members who have invested Rs.11000/- in this company, that they will not able to recover. Guys we have lost our money and that is true.........


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