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Speak Asia Panelist Union Nagpur 31July 2011

Speak Asia Panelist Union Nagpur - 31 July 2011
We want to our business run successfully and our company has 20 Lakh Panelist
( But CEO is 15 Lakh Yesterday Speak Asia Ceo Manoj Kumar 30 July 2011
  and Tarak Bajpai  is Saying  12 Lakh )  and from last 1.5 Years company is
paying payments regullurally .. all thing was going on Well but Star News has block
the income of 20 Lakh Panelists .

Today we are on the stage that Speak Asia is closing.
Question Comes : Who will pay the payment of 20 Lakh Peoples.
Is this Answer is having with Kirit Somaya or Having star News have answer ?
When NDTV has shown that "Chalti Rahegi Speakasia" where is Kirit Somya at that Time ?
This money belongs is Indian and its RBI duty to get money .
And Today Indian MLM Company Speak Asia
(  Uncle Ji what you said .. Speak Asia is not  a Indian Company its Singapore based company and its taking Money from Indian and depositing it in Singapore banks and all money is gone .. If its survey income... Money come from Singapore..Why speak Asia is Sending Money to Singapore that is Case its Known as money laundering  )

Their is more then 400 MLM Companies comes but why in case of Speak Asia Kirit Somaya and
Star News are Opposing ?
( That 400 MLM Companies are of India. If Indian government wants they take their money from
Indian banks but in case of Speak Asia all money is Going Outside India )

Did Kirit Somaya and Star News will give money to Panelists ?
( Why They will give money its your money When Speak Asia don't want to Pay as they Star Saying
Take Products from RP ( Reward Points ) is Speak Asia is Paying From Last 2 Months ? Their
thief is Speak Asia Heart that is why they are changing their company from MLM to speak asia online shopping Website .

Why does Government Gives Permission to Sell Railway Ticket from Speak Asia ?
( Uncle Ji : Where is Speak Asian Start Booking Tickets from Speak Asian Website . I Think Manoj Kumar
has given special permission in your Speak Asia account. )

If their is any wrong in company why Government give the permission for GEN X bazar ?
( this is biggest joke any one who was to do any thing they do a Show in Goa .. Where come this thing
of Gen X bazar ? )

Today for Protest their Needs a Permission so why does Goa Government Give the Permission ?
( Uncle Ji : That is not protest that is Selling bazaar if you want that permission in India for Any park
you can Take from Indian Government .)

In Goa Gen X Bazar Sqoda , Vodaphone ,  Gitanjali , and so companies why they come ?
( Uncle Ji : If you also go to any company like Sqoda , Vodaphone ,  Gitanjali and any company .. Say
" We want to per mote your Products - Give me/My Company Some Commission " . Any Company will agree . )

When Company is whiling to pay why does Money Stops ?
( Simple if company was paying from last 1year why it stops because Speak Asia want to Register
as Speak Asia Shopping as they know their Fraud . If Uncle you send a letter to Speak Asia and
Say to pay 22 Lakh Panelist First and go to finance minister .. He sure approves )

Sir Our Company have not problem of 1% ?
( This is called Direct Lie if their is not a problem why some speak asian complaint and every thing happens .
A Mumbai Resident Navneet Khosla filed a complaint of his Rs.2.40 Lakh and no Money is given to this case Tarak Bajpai & Top officials in Judicial custody till 4 Aug 2011and Andhra Pardesh CID Case on Speak Asia Court already case is filled are they not 1% .

From a 18 Lakh Member no body from Speak asia has given any complaint .
( Uncle Ji.. Please tell how much figure ... As Above you have Said 20 Lakhs as 2 Lakhs Run after listing your speech )

Why from Nagpur 1000 People where other Speak Asian ?

If Speak Asia is Giving Survey Income to panelist then why are they depositing Indian Money
in Singapore ...As If only money coming in India from Proper Channel why govt oppose to that .

Why Should Government Stop that As Government is stooping that Money From Getting Outside India..Not stooping Money coming In India.   

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