Tuesday, 9 August 2011

SpeakAsia Samarthan Yatra Indore-To-Mumbai - 9 August 2011

SpeakAsia Samarthan Yatra Indore 2 Mumbai

SpeakAsia Samarthan Yatra Indore-To-Mumbai - 9 August 2011
Name of the Person AMIT SABLOK has Started this Trip . He said that we Have 3000 Peoples with us and we will go to mumbai to show our Favour  about Speak Asia.
In Between that a Reporter  Asked  Some Question From Him :
Speak Asian : We are working from last 1 to 1.6 Years and company is paying us regularly . Company was keeping all its promises but after some peoples do interference in our business from that time many problems are coming to us .30 Lakhs Peoples are getting problem people has losses the Job in Speak Asia . People who make their dream from this company that has been broken . Due to this People Life style is get infected. And Some People have decided that we come on Roads so why don't really come on Roads.

Reporter : You Have Said 3000 Peoples will come but 300 Peoples not even come .

Speak Asian : I don't said 3000 People will Come .

Reporter : Your People Said to Us .

Speak Asian : We have said when we go from here people will joined with us .More 1000 People joined with us after that more people joined with us more 200 people will joined to us .

Reporter : On what Places this Yatra will Go ?

Speak Asian : We are started from Jodhpur and we will go to Mumabi .

Reporter : How much Peoples will Joining to you ?

Speak Asian :We Don't Know . One More panelist has started as much panelists wants wants to join us can join all are welcomes. Speak Asian who really care of their money who wants their Future in Speak Asia they all can come with me . Many More Peoples are participating in different ways .

Reporter : Did People Who have invested in Speak Asia get their money Back ?

Speak Asian : Ya, Surely that Peoples Get their Money . First, This Question arise why People not getting Money .

Reporter : Please Tell us the Reason why Peoples not getting their Money .

Speak Asian :What Should i tell you . You Know better then us . We only read the news and you make the news.This is Our Samarthan Yatra and want to tell that we are with company . What is Right and What is Wrong it will be Seen.

Reporter : Many Peoples come in this raily as your people said that your people give them Money .

Speak Asian :NO, We Don't Say this to any Body.
On this All Crowd Said in one Voice : THIS IS WRONG NO BODY SAID THIS THING.
The Leader Said From Where i will pay the Money .

Reporter : Did you take permission for this raily from Authorities ?

Speak Asian :This is Samarthan Yatra , Not the Raily .
This is Our Yatra we are going from here, All these gathered peoples are come to give me treat of Tea and Samosa and You come Here to Enquire / Reporting / Questing Me.

Reporter : Did you know many people are on road get disturbed with your act ?

Speak Asian : I am Going , You have stopped me for questing .

Reporter : What is Your name ?

Speak Asian : Amit S-----

Video of Speak Asia Samarthan Yatra Indore 2 Mumbai
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At 9 August 2011 at 03:59 , Blogger hemnant1970 said...

please tell us the truth about company(Speak Asia Online) and also from when we will get payout?

At 9 August 2011 at 11:44 , Blogger Mudassir said...

What Is Fact Of speak Asia...........
They will given a payment ? ?
What Is Fact...?????????????????

At 14 August 2011 at 22:42 , Blogger mak23_crazy said...

i dont think so company will run like before.


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