Friday, 5 August 2011

Speak Asia Protest Jantar Mantar Delhi 5 August 2011

Speak Asians Protest on Jantar Mantar New Delhi 
5th of August 2011
Speak Asia Jantar Mantar - 5-August-2011
On 5th of August Some People have reached Jantar Mantar But due to missing leader they make a Small speech .A Person introduce him As Speak Asian and Said.
" I have come here because i have a lots of felling and Trust on Company and people Jobs are attached with this Company. If Company have done some thing against LAW then make some fine . If we are driving and not get a helmet as you Fine. But do the company registration because of Lacks of People are employed with the company . Is any body think of Giving Employment to lakh's of People Did Kirit Somaiya Ji Think of that. Mr. Kirit Somaiya have a made a small firm with the name of Small Investor Forum and talks on Investors. Why Don't Kirit Somaya Ji think about Investors invested in Speak Asia. 20 Lakhs People invested in Speak Asia they have family with them who will take care of Them    "
Some of the General Question Raised
Company not break a Small Law they have done the Money Circulation .. means
Sending Money From India to Another Country.

Mr. Kirit Somaya have already said that they done in Investors Interest and he also Said
In the Speak Asia Letter to RBI - 5 August 2011Given by Hiren Kaur . 
Speak Asia Company have Mentioned on its letter Pad its 12 Lakh Never 20 Lakhs .

Biggest Question : People have Invested in Speak Asia With out Checking 

Did any Body Checked that whether the money which they are investing is Registered or Not ?

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