Thursday, 4 August 2011

Speak Asia Tarak Bajpai Sent Police custody On 4 August 2011 Till 12 of August 2011

Speak Asia News 4-August-2011

In Mumbai Quila Court when all 5 Speak Asia Top Officials are taken .

Speak Asia Lawyer :  " Our Company ( Speak Asia ) has done NO Fraud only 1 Investor has complaint of Rs.5 Lakhs and only on that Base Police is making this case."
Government Lawyer  :  "Their is Not 1 investor Complaint which is Registered against Speak Asia
but now many investors are coming to Police and They approached us . In Soon about Time we are Registering many New cases against Speak Asia Fraud."
"Soon their will be more Arrests in Speak Asia Case in coming Time ".

Tarak Bajpai & Top Officials in Judicial custody till 4 Aug 2011

As Speak Asia COO Tarak bajpai has taken by EOW in till date investigation .. In 4-5 Days of Investigation

Investigating Agencies have frozened all the Bank accounts of arrested 5 Peoples and
also Speak Asia Franchises bank accounts. In these accounts their is More Rs.990 Caror has to be recovered .

In Court it was said that " Investigating agencies Need more time to check every thing so till time the
all 5 accused must be be in Police Custody."

So Court Give More Time till 12th of August all accused in Police Custody .

Government Lawyer Said in Court " Speak Asia is having No Products and Speak Asia Surveys for those companies which company has said that they are doing they already have denied that "

In 5 Peoples :
Tarak Bajpai - Chief Executive Officer of Speak Asia Management
Rajeev Malhotra - Webmaster of Speak Asia New Website
Shaikh Rais Latif - Assistant for daily portal operations and in-charge of regular pop-ups.
Ravi Janakraj Khanna - Finance Accountant
Deepankar Sarkar - First Speak Asia Panelist of India Picked From Raipur

4th August Video News 


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At 7 August 2011 at 00:51 , Blogger Anthony said...

why dont u guys allow them to do their business,.. we have faith in SAOL,.. u guys can keep an eye on it at the same time,....


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