Tuesday, 23 August 2011

All India Speak Asia Panelist Association - AISPA

All India Speak Asia Panelist Association - AISPA
 Speak Asia Panelist Association Official Address :

7, Ram Saket, Bhagoji Keer Road, Mahim West Mumbai 400016E-mail : speakasia.association@gmail.com

Melwyn Crasto
President of this Association is Mr. Melwyn Crasto he is Sensei From
Mumbai - Maharashtra Email Address is melwyncrasto@gmail.com

Dr Girish Vithalkar
Vice President : Kohei - Dr. Girish Vithalkar - Email : girvit.buyers@gmail.com
.Mr. Garish is workaholic ( Who can do work Day and Night ) Practicing Doctor of
Naturopath engaged from Speak Asia Online . Married Knows English, Hindi,
Marathi, Konkani .

completed High School From Mahatma gandhi vidya mandir, bandra east In Year 1978. Done the Graduation From  National Collage, Bandra - West. Working asTechnician on Drilling Floor in Sedco Forex International Drilling Inc. From May 1992 to Oct 2000 · Mumbai, Maharashtra.

SpeakAsia Panelist
Association Secretary
Ashok Bahirwani

Mr. Ashok Bahirwani is a Secretary of this Association a Panelist From Mumbai -
Email : speakasian.ashok@gmail.com.

Now a Days after Mr.Tarak Bajpai  is in Jail who is Part of
Speak Asia Management on Many Case Hearing Mr. Ashok is in Court following the Speak.He Studied From Jamnabai Narsee School and completed High School in Year 1979 From St. Francis De Sales, Nagpur.Do the Collaging B.com From Hislop College, Nagpur in Year 1982 and Done Marketing from Department of Management,Nagpur University in 1984. Having 1 Son and 2 Daughters. Joined  Speak Asia on 16th May 2011 .

Ms Nimi Khambhoj
Joint Secretary : Panelist - Ms Nimi Khambhoj - Email : gurman.nimi@gmail.com

Mr. Kishore Meswani is a Treasurer of AISPA and also a Panelist of Speak Asia Online.Email : bombayman@gmail.com.

He is Also From Mumbai . You can See His Picture on Right Hand Side of the Article , On Wheel Chair.

Mr. Kishor Meswani Lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra Knows English English, Gujarati,
Hindi, Marathi .

He is a professionally practicing & following Astrology-Palmistry for 30 years &
recently Gemology  also. past publisher-editor of one reputed magazine called  THE BOMBAYITE, running a referral service under EXCLUSIVE Club for linking people. Have been promoting good Health & Wellness products in Ayurveda and Bio-Magnetic fields  with wide Network Marketing From his Websites .
Particularly keen to meet other differently abled people worldwide, specially in
London/whole UK.
Have been there twice and hoping to come again, traveled some of Europe 
(Holland, Germany & France-Belgium), Dubai, Thailand & Singapore as well.
Personally enjoy music. movies, TV, DVDs, friendships and sharing of 
interests-ideas, enterprising opportunities etc.
All India Speak Asia Panelist Association
Committee Members
Mr. Milind Dhaneshwar : Senpai From Indore - speakmilind@gmail.com
Mr. Ram Saraf : Kohei From Indore - ramsaraf78@gmail.com

Amit Sablok
Mr. Amit Sablok : Sensei From Jabalpur - ccjabalpur@gmail.com
Have a Own Company of marketing named Assure Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. which is Not active now.

Amit Sablok is guy have DoneSpeakAsia Samarthan Yatra Indore-To-Mumbai on 9 August 2011. When a Star TV Reporter has Come for Asking Him Questions he really Answered Wisely and
Interestingly .
Some Days Before Mr. Amit Sablok is having rally on the motorcycle  he is said
that 3000 Peoples joined him and all will go to Mumbai while on the way when a
Reporter ask Him about its Railly . He Said its not rally its Samarthan Yatra
which  we have stated from Indore and we will go to Mumbai

Gurdeep Singh
Mr. Gurdeep Singh is a  Sensei From Ludhiana  Punjab having a Mail Address 

Lead Speak Asia Support Rally in Ludhiana on 3 August 2011

You Can See Mr. Gurdeep Sigh with Mr. Ashok Bahirwani in Court hearing Videos.He is From Punjab in a Rally Video you can see the leadership Quality in this man while talking with Speak Asians.

Living in Ludhiana With Hand and Hand with Association Following all the court
proceedings in  Mumbai.

Mr. Abhishek Mishra : Sensei From Kanpur - speakabhishek512@gmail.com
Mr. Hasmukh Patel : Sensei From Ahmedabad - uniquespeak@gmail.com
Mr. Satish Shetty : Panelist From Mangalore - arpanasatish@rediffmail.com
Mr. Suresh Hadamba : Panelist From Mumbai - hadamba@gmail.com
Mr. Sandeep Raut : Panelist From Mumbai - sandeepraut777@gmail.com

Message By Secretary Speak Asia Panelist

मैंने  16th May को  ज्वाइन  किया  है . मैंने  भी  आपक  के  झैसे  कंपनी  से 
कोई  पैसा  नहीं  कमिय 
मगर  मुझे  कंपनी  पर  और  कंपनी  के  बिज़नस  मोदुले  पर  भरोसा  है  और
 इसलिए  आगे  बाद  कर  आपकी  आस्सोकिअतिओन  के  ऑफिस  बेअरेर  की  पढ़  संभाली 
है .
येः  Association का  एक  मात्र  ओब्जेक्टिवे  है  की  २० लाख  पनेलिस्ट्स  के
 हित  की  हिफाज़त  हो .
हम  सब  को  पता  है  की  कंपनी  बार  बार  लगातार  RBI से  विनाम्ब्र्ता  से
 गुजारिश  कर  रही  हैं  की  हमे  हमारे  पनेलिस्तो  को  पय्मेंट्स  कर  ने 
दो , जो  कंपनी  को  नहीं  करने  दिया  जा  रहा  हैं .
कंपनी  ने  1st August को  EXIT OPTION भी  शुरू  कर  दिया  हैं  जो   हमारे
 साईट  के  EOW की  जाँच परताल ख़तम  होते  ही  साईट  पर  आजायेगी .
पनेलिस्तो आप  को  थोडा  और  धीरज  रखना  होगा  क्यों  की  पोलिसे  FIR  करने
 से  कुछ  नहीं  हासिल  होगा  और  आपका  पैसा  और  डेरे से आयेगा  
अब  येः  आप  का  decission है  की  आप  को  EXIT OPTION लेकर  पैसे  प्राप्त 
कर्ण  है , येः  कंपनी  से  झुदे  रे  कर  पैसे  कम  के  पैसा  कमाना  हैं  
मैं  थो  कंपनी  से  झुदा  हूँ  झुदा  रहूँगा  और  Eis  Business से  आपनी 
ज़िन्दगी  का  स्थिर  थोडा  औ ऊँचा  करूँगा .
Proud to be a speakasian
Jai Speakasia
Ashok Bahirwani


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At 30 August 2011 at 19:31 , Blogger Sharma said...

my self is Vinod Sharma mene 21 june ko join kiya tha our achhe pese kamaye hain our umid karta hu ki speakasia duniya sabse badi comp. dosto is comp.ki tarah aaj tak koi comp na thi na hi hogi.so kirpa thora sa comp. ka saath de our hosla rakhen.our pray to god ki hamari comp jalad se jalad chale.aapkhud socho ki tarak ji costodi mai jamin pe sote hai wo hamare liye.so sab bolo jai speakasia.

At 3 December 2011 at 06:00 , Blogger MANTHAN said...

i am manthan maine jo is companey me kamaya wo kahi bhi nahi kamaya, jisne hame hamari companey se dur kiya hai kasam se hum kabhi use kisi bhi prakar se sahyog nahi karege chahe wo NETA HO PRTY HO YA COMPANEY HO YA MEDIA HO MAI NAFRAT KARTA HU JO SPEAK ASIA WALO SE JALAN KARNE WALO SE.


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