Thursday, 18 August 2011

Speak Asia Support

Speak Asia Support
We Get A Mail From Speak Asia Peoples who are Supporting Speak Asia Online and
Choose our Blog to Publish Their View .

This mail is having of List of frauds in india all 10 cases proven with clear and recorded legal PROOF!

In the case of SAOL (SpeakAsiaOnline), however, there has as yet not been presented one shred of concrete proof or evidence of any legal violation or criminal intent! Why so? Because there is none!

The case of SAOL is a case of business rivalry and political corruption on the part of the initiators of the
various fictitious cases against SAOL, which is adversely affecting more than 15 lacs families and 22 lacs Panelists!

What then is SAOL guilty of, if anything?
Perhaps one might venture to muse that the company should have anticipated the overwhelming positive response to the business plan and therefore have planned an adequate infrastructure to handle the unprecedented growth of Panelist members and the subsequent server requirements.

Maybe, had the company foreseen the monumental success of its inroad into the Indian consumer market,
a PE could have been established first and foremost in the early 2010 stages, as opposed to the
reality of having such a huge number of Panelists do their business transactions with a
Singapore based, or any other foreign country based company for that matter, and having to convert
the legal structure of the company to an Indian PE at a later date when the business was really moving.

How does a normal bank in a small state like Singapore deal with the daily requirement from one single
client like SAOL of having to service a ‘payment-gateway’ requiring at least 5-8 thousand TT demands:
supposing it takes 4-8 minutes to process a single ECS transfer by TT; that would mean a number
of man-hours unmanageable by the host bank when multiplied by 8000 on a 24x7 basis!

Not to mention the myriad of related banking and tax formalities necessary from country to country,
the venture payment-gateway set-up was doomed before it began.

Alternative infrastructure measures were needed in order to implement
a workable ‘payment gateway’ solution.

These facts, nevertheless, are internal executive matters and not any criminal violation of
the Indian public trust!

No panelist has suffered due to these growing pains: a baby needs time for teething!

In fact, there are no legitimate complaints by any panelist anywhere, except for maybe one
or two who are on the payroll of SAOL’s rivals and have managed to infiltrate our ranks.

Insofar as the PE set-up has already been initiated and awaits only final approval from RBI and ROC,
in order for the new Indian based payment-gateway to become activated, it is incomprehensible why
constant bickering over why panelists are not getting paid their outstanding due amounts even is allowed!

Speak Asia Online cannot make the desired payouts as long as the PE approval is lingering. SAOL cannot make alternative payment options as long as it is barred from sending payments from Singapore to India for interim relief to its Panelists. In fact, SAOL cannot conduct its normal business as long as the integrity of the company and payouts are held in question! Otherwise, there is no problem (LOL). Mind you, there are several serious problems to be dealt with here, and they are with regards to the rivals of SAOL, corrupt officials, and a gullible public.

Now, this is precisely what baffles me: how can outsiders, in the name of protecting us the SAOL panelists and empowered consumers, against our will and without evidence, claim to protect us against exploitation from SAOL, a company which we, the panelists, built to its current size and magnificence? 
How is blocking company bank accounts and delaying PE status to be granted through mindless, unwarranted investigations helpful and protective of Indian consumers?
Disinformation, nonsensical allegations, illegal detentions, slanderous and defamatory news propaganda via television news media, bogus news conferences, political interference and pressure in legal systems, etc. have been the main stay of the day since May 13, 2011 until todays date.

The dirty secret of SAOL detractors has, however, come to light! I'm going to reveal one important set of information to everyone through this missive, which is a result of my personal extensive research; this is particularly for those people who talk total negatively about our company after 22 lacs Indian citizens have put their efforts into making SAOL through their hard earned money and time. By reading these matters you will surely come to know more about the real enemy and business rivals of Speak Asia.

Whatever challenges the company is facing right now are because of adverse, vested interests: not only business rivals, but also of some NGO's who have good links with the Indian Human Rights Commission: there is a game play! Who are they? As per my knowledge the following facts are simple and clear: the Gujarat Govt. had invited the American Mega retailer ‘Wal-Mart’, French ‘Carrefour’, and Tesco to India for starting their business here. But the then negotiations failed (or so they claim), and the three withdrew under protest. By having thus learnt and illegally copied the marketing tactics of these companies, vested Gujarati and BJP interests decided to start the marketing business model in their own version as "N-Mart Retails" in India.

Of course the ‘N-Mart’ MD, Mr. Gopal Shekawat (close relative of our President Prathiba Patil, supported by BJP) along with Sri Narendra Modi, Gujarat CM might well be aware of the actual known brains behind all these things, since they have good back-up from BJP (with Kirith Saumya and some obscure Desi group), RSS, Bajrang Dal and additional support from diverse sections of the Human Rights Commission!

Facts are, nonetheless, that in order to become an associate of N-Mart one has to pay Rs 5500/- by Cash/Cheque/DD in favor of NEW LOOK MULTITRADE PVT. LTD.
An e-pin will be issued to you along with a welcome kit for enrolling as an associate to N-Mart. Each Associate will get free purchase vouchers of N-MART stores worth Rs. 220/- each month for 48 months, which can be redeemed at any N-MART retail outlet across India. Along with a purchase voucher each associate will get a smart card, and in addition to the compensation plan, the company has also introduced a credit facility for its Associates: balance statements will be generated on first of every month and accounts have to be settled by 7th every month. Credit is to be availed from any N-MART store across India. Every associate of n mart will get N-Mart Loyalty bonus of Rs. 11,000/- after 48 months.

Such types of companies are not at all like the SAOL business model, although there are similarities. Many of these companies have failed and been accused of various transgressions, as in the cases of Kings India, Unipay2, Visareb, Influx, Money Power, TV-express, N-Sem, Red Carpet,, and newly stockguruindia etc. etc. but to name a few. The product variety is/was mostly local, and not truly branded.

Some of the persons involved with managing ‘N-Mart’ indirectly from outside, hold key positions in various Human Rights Organizations, also having a backup of diverse NGO's, (especially the lackluster magazine ‘money-life’, which no one truly reads), and they have made a simple plan of opening accounts on the Speak Asia site to know about and collect information, latest happenings, etc.: the pulse rate of panellists, so to say.  They have made many of their down-line panelists to read money-life articles regularly, in particular the news, which speak out against SAOL. Fact is, ‘money-life’ magazines only money-life people and select Speak Asians usually read, (no outside person will read it); but, these detractors have ready cash revenue to put into the smear and slander campaign against Speak Asia, which they generously dole out.

As anyone can see from the previous information, ‘N-Mart Business’ and ‘Speak Asia Business’ can be said to have more or less similar interests albeit different marketing strategies; notwithstanding, they both share TV commerce, on-line E-commerce, and market research programs with the ‘Old Time Monopolist’ Star Networks of the NewsCorp International Group of Rupert and James Murdock!

News Corporation (NASDAQ: NWS, NASDAQ: NWSA, ASX: NWS, ASX: NWSLV), often abbreviated to News Corp., is the world's second-largest media conglomerate (behind The Walt Disney Company) as of 2011 in terms of revenue, and the world's third largest in entertainment as of 2009,[5][6][7][8] although the BBC remains the world's largest broadcaster.[9][10][11] The company's Chairman & Chief Executive Officer is Rupert Murdoch.

News Corporation is a diversified global media company. It has operations in eight segments: Filmed Entertainment, Television, Cable Network Programming, Direct Broadcast Satellite Television, Integrated Marketing Services, Newspapers and Information Services, Book Publishing, and Others. The Company’s activities are conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia, Asia and Latin America. In April 2010, the Company completed the sale of bTV, its Bulgarian terrestrial television business, to Central European Media Enterprises (CME).

The Company competes with CNN, MSNBC, CNN Headline News,, New York Times Digital,, Bloomberg,, Yahoo!Finance, CNET, CNN Money, MSNMoney/CNBC, Google Finance, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg L.P., LexisNexis, Hoover’s, OneSource, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!,, New York Times Digital,,, Yahoo!Finance, CNET, CNN Money, MSNMoney/CNBC, Random House, Penguin Group, Simon & Schuster and Hachette Livre.

With Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation restructuring its broadcast business in Asia, Uday Shankar, the chief executive officer of STAR India has been entrusted with many more responsibilities. He will now also look after the sales and distribution offices of STAR in West Asia, Britain and the US, besides growing the Indian market. NEW DELHI: Rupert Murdoch-owned Star network has effected a corporate restructuring exercise which makes India the centerpiece of the group's Asia operations.

All three companies employ what is termed ‘Affiliate Marketing Strategy’. Now, N-Mart came to know about SAOL and its future plans for the entire Asian Market along with Star. They saw the unprecedented growth of SAOL and they became extremely disturbed and totally jealous: they decided to create several plans to disrupt business of SAOL, and thereby attempting to destroy the company and the panellists’ faith, hence their ability to continue any growth of SAOL.

Star India operates Star Plus, a leading general entertainment channel, apart from 31 other channels in various genres in eight languages. The company will now directly oversee the distribution of its channels in the overseas markets, and will also oversee News Corp's interests in other group companies in India, such as Fox Star Studios and Tata Sky. Star India will now directly report to News Corp headquarters in London, and most of the group's operations in Hong Kong, which was thus far the Asia hub, will move to India.
The company has received final approvals for a home shopping channel it is launching through a joint venture with South Korea's CJ Home Shopping. "We hope to launch the channel in the next couple of months," Mr Shankar said. Senior Star India executive Paritosh Joshi has been named CEO of Star CJ Network India Ltd, the equal stakes joint venture.

In a recent speech by Gopal Shekawat, MD of ‘N-Mart Retails’ in Hyderabad he told us that "Maine Speak Asia ka Baja baja de hai. Our dho mahinome woh survey company ko hum india se bagadengae." Also more recently in Kolkata he has told the public that "…hum bohuth jaldh ek naya havaayi-jahaaz kareedhnewalae hain our homlog dho nayi TV channels lekar aayenge…" then also added "…our thodi din me is desh bar humlog 500 se ziyadha retail outlet leker aayenge." for their distributors, they are selling even gold near to 3% discount by having some tie-up ‘N-Mart Retails’ advertisement come regularly in Star News, Aaj Tak and Headlines Today channels. These media channels were used to start all the attack episodes against SAOL at the beginning.

Integrated Marketing Services in concert with N-Mart and other vested interest groups do definitely not like the success of SAOL, as it totally threatens their concepts of market dominance. News America Marketing Group (NAMG) publishes insert publications and provides in-store marketing products and services. It is a provider of in-store marketing products and services, primarily to consumer packaged goods manufacturers, with products in more than 55,000 supermarkets, drug stores, dollar stores, office supply stores and mass merchandisers globally. SmartSource is the brand name linked with NAMG’s assortment of marketing products, including, among others, free-standing inserts, NAMG’s instant coupon machines and various shelf advertising products.

News America Marketing is currently a premier single-source provider of consumer marketing services in the U.S. and Canada. The company’s product portfolio, marketed under the SmartSource® brand name, consists of the first branded free-standing insert, known as SmartSource Magazine®, leading in-store marketing products, merchandising services, database marketing tools and online promotions. These products and services allow marketers to deliver a brand message to millions of consumers each month via a network of 1,630+ newspapers/publications* and over 56,000** supermarket, drug, office supply, mass merchandisers and dollar-store locations across North America.

The SmartSource iGroup manages NAMG’s portfolio of database marketing and on-line marketing products and services. The database marketing business, branded SmartSource Direct, provides database marketing and technology solutions for both retailers and manufacturers. In association with N-Mart and Newscorp interests in India, SAOL faces a tough opponent. However, this does not justify illegal means of assailing the panellist community of SAOL via corrupt officials and unscrupulous politicians.

The same thing happened in Lucknow, Haldwani and in Nagpur where panellists visited BJP national president Nitin Gadkari to voice in their protest. This has turned out to be a huge blow to the campaign run by different agencies against SAOL for protecting investor interests as they in turn had come out openly in support of SAOL and against such agencies.

The same thing is happening all over the country where people are coming in large numbers in support of SAOL meeting MLA and MPs of their respective constituencies to voice in their protest and bring justice for them, many are learnt to unanimously go to court of law against such agencies who are defaming their company SAOL if the issue is not resolved soon. This has come out in the wake of detentions of some of the company’s top employees and Speak Asia panellists have started taking things into their own hands, in order to resolve this matter soon.

Now the big question here is "WHO are those INVESTORS" of which all such agencies are talking about? Panellists are not investors but buyers of E-Zine subscriptions and as all Panellists here seem to be in support of SAOL, then? If the accusing agencies are not in favor of Speak Asians then what is their interest...can you guess?

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At 20 August 2011 at 23:27 , Blogger Sayed nadeem said...

if its true , we speak asian should really do somthing for saol. doing same for us by doing to s.a.o.l

At 25 August 2011 at 06:45 , Blogger dekho duniya dekho said...

ye pasa aam janta ka hai isko koi pacha nahi sakta.


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