Friday, 12 August 2011

Raid on Tarak Bajpai House in Indore - 12 August 2011

Mumbai Crime Branch Raid Tarak Bajpai House
On Thursday , 11th of August Mumbai Crime Branch Team with Ravinder Badgurjar and with Local Police Raid for Mr. Tarak Bajpai ( Speak Asia Chief Operating Officer )  he is Part of  Speak Asia Management .
On Speak Asia Tarak Bajpai Arrested 29 July 2011
 while investigating EOW Mumbai has Demand Judaical Custody of  Mr. Tarak and 4 others Total Number is 4 Arrests after that Mr. Dipankar Sarkar First Panelist and Promoter of Speak Asia in India has been Arrested . Total Becomes 5 Arrests . On 12th August One More arrest was done Mumbai EOW Arrest Rahul Shah in Speak Asia Case - 12 August 2011. Total Of 6 Arrests.

According to the News we have Mr. Tarak house was searched for some important documents related to this some more peoples have been questioned . Some Official documents related to Speak Asia Scam was taken into custody By Crime Branch Officer.

After 4th of August when EOW mubai  taken More custody for all 4 arrest they have dome Speak Asia Tarak Bajpai Sent Police custody On 4 August 2011 Till 12 of August 2011
From that time it was said that their will be more arrest in this case So EOW Mumbai have making a Strong Case Against Speak Asia and wants to Get Every thing on Papers As Proof.

Till 6 Arrests are Done in this List is as below
Tarak Bajpai - Chief Executive Officer of Speak Asia Management
Rajeev Malhotra - Webmaster of Speak Asia New Website
Shaikh Rais Latif - Assistant for daily portal operations and in-charge of regular pop-ups.
Ravi Janakraj Khanna - Finance Accountant
Deepankar Sarkar - First Speak Asia Panelist of India Picked From Raipur
 Rahul Shah  - Vice President of Tulsient Information System Pvt Ltd ( He Runs a BPO for Speak Asia Financial Affairs .

All These Arrests are happening and Speak Asia Management Missing their are daily protests are happening by Speak Asia  Member's But they all are missing their Company management who have committed a lots and now no one is with them.

 Tarak Bajpai House Raid In Hindi  
करोड़ों रुपए की धोखाधड़ी में गिरफ्तार स्पीक एशिया कंपनी के सीओओ तारक वाजपेई के घर गुरुवार को मुंबई क्राइम ब्रांच ने छापा मारा। पुलिस ने इस दौरान दो लोगों से पूछताछ भी की। टीम यहां से कुछ दस्तावेज भी जब्त कर ले गई।

मुंबई क्राइम ब्रांच के इंस्पेक्टर रवींद्र बडग़ुर्जर के साथ दोपहर में टीम इंदौर पहुंची और विजयनगर टीआई कमल जैन से मदद मांगी। उनके साथ थाने से पुलिस टीम तारक वाजपेई के स्कीम-54 स्थित घर पहुंची व सर्चिग की। श्री बडग़ुर्जर के अनुसार मामले की जांच की जा रही है। पुलिस ने छापा मारा था। कुछ लोगों से पूछताछ भी की है। वाजपेई के घर से दस्तावेज भी बरामद हुए हैं।
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