Friday, 9 September 2011

What is AISPA - A I S PA

AISPA stands for Any thing But for Speak Asians its Made as All India Speak Asia Panelist Association
This is called to Association of Snepi and Sensei , Kohei and Panelist who are working with Speak Asia.

In Speak Asia their is Different type of Joining If you want to improve your Skills of Marketing Speak Asia
has provided a Course which is approved by Japan . The Training of this course was done by Company  of  narayanan rajagopalan speak asia as he understands the market of Online Business .

In Online Business their are Thing Called E-Commerce and M-Commerce .

In E-Commerce basically we use Websites to Permote products Online . In Today's Date All the Peoples are their in their Home they don't have so much time to go to Direct Shops to Purchase Products they simply see the Products online and Order them online.
For a Example : A Company who is Dealing in Office Supplies want to show their 100's of Products way of Sending 100's of SMS and Sending E-MAILS will Not Get the Exact Clients . As SMS company will send May or May Not Need the Products . E-mail will not also get Perfect range of Clients.

So in Case of E-Commerce a Shopping Cart is Made where People can see the Products check their Price Range see the specifications and Order them at the time . For Ordering Payment Gateway can Be Used or Some time Simply Orders are Send and Ordering Person Get the Reply from the Company.

In Case of E-Commerce a Large Community can be Targeted.

M-Commerce : Also Known as mobile commerce 

In Today's Date every have a Mobile with More or Less features . A Large Range of Smart phones is Available in Very Cheaper Rates and More over Services Like 3G are coming in cost of a Normal Person . So In coming Near Future buying and selling of goods and services through wireless hand held devices such as cellular telephone and personal Mobile.

In  Speak Asia future Plans  Company have Plan to Sell the Electronic Project Range Known as YUG  where their are many electronic Products such as Mobile phone which are Smart Phones on which M-Commerce can be Used But in time of Speak Asia Crises EOW Mumbai Proved that YUG Products are Chinese Not German that is  not much Issue as their are 100's Chinese Products in Market But the Problem become Mobile In Market NOT BY SPEAK ASIA .. Any How it Happens.

Now Story of  All India Speak Asia Panelist Association  Some Days Before on on 8th August one of Our Speak Asian Top Personal have Send me a Draft of PIL which is Mentioned as Speak Asia PIL . This is Petion filed By Some Members of Speak Asia .

This PIL is Filed on Wednesday i.e. the 24th August, 2011.

This was Filed :  Writ Petition (Criminal) 176 of 2011 
Speak Asia Online Pte Limited & ORS VS Union of India & ORS ..
Petion Advocate : Mr. Vikas Mehta.
Subject Category : Criminal Matters - Matters Relating To Bank Scams, Cheating, Forgery ETC.
Its Writ Petition ( Criminal ) 176 of 2011

Which is Withdrawn By Speak Asia Online Pte. LTD  .. And Harender Kaur has Send Message that discussing with our Legal Personals a Good news can come on 10 September 2011.
Supreme Court Not Dismissed Our Petition - Harendar Kaur Letter - 2 September 2011

After That We Get to Know that on 4th September it was said that  is not AISPA website on that Speak Asia Association Replies Case on Website Domain Name
 where it was mentioned : We never Claim this Website belonging. The Thing is we are producing a News Section.If Speak Asia Want to Share their News on our Website we have not any Problem in that.
We ( Speak Asia Latest News ) have also mentioned this news as Speak Asia 5 September News
 that Speak Asia Online Website is getting Down all the Efforts in Making of Speak Asia are getting loss so its better that 2 Domains Can Publish Same News . As it will do any harm to Speak Asia  Motto.

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