Friday, 2 September 2011

Supreme Court Not Dismissed Our Petition - Harendar Kaur Letter 2 September 2011

Supreme Court Not Dismissed Our Petition - Harendar Kaur Letter 2-September-2011
On 2nd September 2011 a News was Broken by Headlines Today TV channel of Times Group has give a Breaking News in 1:00 PM Telecast .

Supreme Court Disallows Speak Asia PLEA 2 September 2011 

When Ever Speak Asia Company See their is Negative News Comes about them which will make Speak Asia members Unhappy They Send Mails to Their Peoples and They Brod cast From Way of Websites and Social Networking Such as Face book and Twitter.

Previous ally Speak Asia Do the POP UP On their Website .
Mr. Tarak Bajpai ( Speak Asia Chief Operating Officer )  he is Part of  Speak Asia Management .
On Speak Asia Tarak Bajpai Arrested 29 July 2011
From That Time EOW Mumbai Not Closed the Website But now in September 2nd Speak Asia Login
is also Not working as Speak Asia Online Shopping  which was created by Not Minds but by Hopes of Speak Asians . SpeakAsia Login Error which is Started on 21 August 2011 till on 2nd of September Same Error is coming which is Showing that Database of Speak Asia Website is Full and Webmaster have to do some cleanup work on that Server.

Speak Asia Website which was Only Source of Communication between Speak Asia Management and Speak Asia Members but after that was Cut now Some Mails Come to Old Speak Asians which Distribute.

On Speak Asia Website a Online Survey Software was run by which people can do answer  their are many companies who provide these type of Software Solutions to the company.

Their is Only Most More Important Parts of the Website Making Such as Web Designing as said things look good make feel good . The Color combination must suits to the eyes for this type of Freelance webdesigner
are hired such as freelance web designer in delhi these designers provide look and feel website.

Last Communication which is Done with way of Speak Asia Popup is on 30th July 2011 .
Speak Asia Ceo Manoj Kumar 30 July 2011
Further In this Communication By Manoj Kumar in this video in last he said that he joined on 16th May 2011
After 15th May Breaking News of  STAR News exposes Speak Asia Online Scam  becomes in Night CEO of Speak Asia Online which was  (Managing Director) of Tulsient Technologies India Pvt. Ltd but the question is where is all Speak Asia management missing .

Now new Peoples comes Named as Speak Asia Panelist Association . They called to Voice of 20 lakhs Speak Asians Speak Asia PIL is filled by them PIL is Filed which is also Known as Public Interest Litigation or   " जन  हित  याचिका " .
Letter By Harendar Kaur 2-September-2011
On 2nd September Speak Asia PIL Status
Supreme Court Of India Petition Criminal 176 2011
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