Monday, 29 August 2011

Tarak Bajpai Bail News - 29 August 2011

Speak Asia News 29-August-2011

Mr. Tarak Bajpai who Get Bail Some Days Before as the Time of Clearing thing . Thane Court has again do a Arrest in Some Other Case. The Hearing Was on 29th of August 2011 But Some things Gone Wrong. As According to Us  Many Websites and Social Networking Sites Start Spreading a False News  that .
"Good News for All SpeakasiansCOO Mr.Tarak Bajpai got anticipatory bail from Supreme Court of India. Supreme Court had accepted the anticipatory bail application of COO this morning and granted Bail for 6 months.It means that no further arrest in coming 6 months on same charge"

But we have confirmed the News From Our Sources :
It seems that people have misunderstood my update let me clarify as follows the news of Mr Tarak Bajpaiji’s Anticipatory bail from supreme court and his release from Thane court is unfortunately false.Please help me spread this message on all forums and across all websites.

Thank You

All India Speak Asia Panelist Association 

In the mean While We have checked that Who are Peoples who are Peoples Behind AISPA ?
In Our Investigation we have found that after Speak Asia Management Missing .. We have Hear AISPA according to them they are Voice of 20 Lakh Peoples but the question arise that Speak Asia is joining by their panel which was present on Speak Asia Website So how can they know all the Panelists ?

AISPA Says they are Doing Work For Mr. Tarak Bajpai Speak Asia COO ?

Who are Paying 3 Lakh Per Person = 15 Lakh as according to Zee News 18 August 2011
Tarak Bajpai Bailed with 4 Speak Asia Officials

Biggest Problem they want to Start their website and Claiming they will Show the Truth But the People who have invested and Worked For Speak Asia is AISPA will Pay to Them .

Like Speak Asia Management  has Gone away on a Dubai Tour for Fun all of them will have some Profit and will Join to Speak Asia Peoples and Only Payer is Speak Asia Peoples.

EOW Mumbai is also Closed Speak Asia Login so that no body can do any thing on website.

Investigation By EOW Mumbai Also Proved that YUG is not Product of Speak Asia .EOW Mumbai also Proved YUG Products are Chinese Not German and Much More that YUG Mobile In Market NOT BY SPEAK ASIA   its Marketed in India By TVC Skyshop.
Their are 2 parts Become in Speak Asia Panelist i want their Money Back as soon as Possible and Others
who want to do Investment and Earn Money From Speak Asia.

Speak Asia Tell that they are paying for Paid Surveys in India but In between Speak Asia People now Start Saying it Speak Asia Fraud But Many Old Speak Asians saying that these are Peoples From a competitor Company Names N-Mart who are Encouraging Peoples  to Do Speak Asia FIR and Get Rewards
Thing which is happening According to Speak Asia Latest News ( US ) is Peoples are Getting Feedup and More over their is no body in Power to Take Stand on Part of Speak Asia Company.

We are Following the Speak Asia News from a Long time to Keep People Updated.
On 9th of May 2011 We have started this blog with name of and We have written 1st article of this blog then on Sunday 11th May in Night STAR News exposes Speak Asia Online Scam and Some Days their are Many Peoples who are doing Search on Speak Asia Fraud Our Blog is in List But on 21st of May 2011 I personally Meet a Person and he said to me that how can say its fraud at that time we can't change the blog name so we change the Title of the Blog to Speak Asia Fraud or Genuine and he also give a article to me regarding Speak Asia Genuine  we also Publish that on our website.

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At 31 August 2011 at 05:56 , Blogger Nirmal said...

Please write clearly. Your sentences are grammatically incorrect and sometimes the statement appears ambiguous.

At 1 September 2011 at 05:12 , Blogger Dr.Swapnil said...

my speak asia's account not working and suggest error while log on to the site what can i do?

At 1 September 2011 at 05:15 , Blogger Dr.Swapnil said...

please tell me how can i get my money back...
this was my admission fees amount now the situation is that my professional college admission may laps..
please sir


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