Friday, 17 June 2011

Kanpur Kailash Bhawan Nawabganj - 17 June 2011

 Kailash Bhawan Nawabganj Kanpur - 17 June 2011 
This time there is no Big Way to present the things so their is although there is no Power Point Presentation or projector presentation.
Their are all the Old things which is Get Repeated By Tarak Bajpai Speak Asia

E-shopping will be started starting from June end which will be 27 June Monday , 2011 where Speak Asians will get 35% discount on all electronic products.

 In the New Website their is Option of Air Ticketing and  Railway Tickets.

About the two extra sources of income which are
1.E-Shopping Referral  : Means when Ever Any Speak Asian Refer products listed in the Speak Asia Online Website he/she will get extra money for it.

2.Narrow Casting : This will be Specially in Website Advertisement Suppose from 20 Lakh Panelist their are 1 Lakh Car Dealer and Some Car Spare Part Owner want to advertisement on the website .. So Only Car Owner Speak Asian will See that advertise. Means Website will Target on the basis of personal details
and demographic details.( demographic - Where the People Live Such as Delhi , Mumbai ).. So Please update your profile and personal details soon

Today Announced that  Speak Asia Insurance Plans are coming but no Information is Provided on that.
( Speak Asia Have Said About Real Estate and Telecom Previous ally )   

Exit option is available :   In the new Website which is in Process by Speak Asia Online their is option
of Terms and Conditions ( Which must be Read very Carefully ) as if you don't accept all of them you speak asia account will be disabled and invested amount will be returned to Bank Account you have mentioned in Speak Asia Joining Form.

While answering about the questions on Payment when will be it comes in Account .


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