Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Shaheed Smarak Bhawan - Raipur Chhattisgarh 26 June 2011

Shaheed Smarak Bhawan - Raipur Chhattisgarh

Shahid Smarak Bhawan
Mr Tarak Bajpai Speak Asia
about Tax Saving ask the people what you plan for your Tax Saving ?
People Answered " Polices " . And Mr tarak Said that this option now available by
Speak Asia.
Now you can Plan your Tax Saving by Speak Asia Website from your Home and as you
prefer this thing to other you will get the income from that also.

This is a New Option.
We are Providing a World of Endless possibilities .

Explains about Narrow Casting : It is new income

Many People Joined people start support this company.

Their are many social networking websites by which people interact Like Face book people start interacting
with old friends but when we asked the owners of this website what you want to implement on this websites .
They Said E-commerce and which is not getting Implemented. Because the image of That website in people mind
is get set and no one can change it now. People don't want to Sell and Purchase on this website .

After That Mr. Tarak Start Talking about Amazon : Amazon has given a great achievement some year before in
the E-commerce but due to some reason they can not make revolution which they want to create in market.

They Can Not create Demand for the products listed in their website . They only work on push model .
They only push the products when asked from amazon why you can't create demand for the products then
they answer that they can not make so much big community where the products can be pulled. Pull Means
as soon as Amazon will display the products people will market their products but speak asia make this
PULL model in 1 Year created successfully because we have planned according to the future.

After that he asked the question in RAIPUR which is Famous Sweets Shop ?


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