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Ashok Bahirwani Open letter By AISPA in English - 29 December 2011

Ashok Bahirwani’s Open letter: to the friendly reporter of Mumbai Mirror, Deeptiman Tiwary.
Dear Deeptiman ji,

Re: Your News Report dated Saturday December 24th 2011 in Mumbai Mirror.

You must have realized by now that I am a very sensitive person and I hate to contradict
anybody, but I am forced to contradict your above subject impugned article simply
because it is full of misinformation and is far from realities.
Allow me to demonstrate as below:

1. I on behalf of the almost 12.5 lakh Speakasian panelist deplore and object vehemently
the Headline of your subject article.

It is illegal on your part to call or term Speakasia a Fraud multi level marketing company.
I find myself duty bound to explain through this communication that Speakasia is NOT, yes Sir.

I repeat, Speakasia is no way a MULTI LEVEL MARKETING COMPANY.

2. It is illegal, and you Mr. Deeptiman Tiwary, are indulging in the highest form of Contempt of Court,
because you are raking up a non issue especially more dangerously when it is sub judice in the
Hon. High Courts and before the Hon. Supreme Court.

3. You Mr. Deeptiman Tiwary are jumping the gun and pronouncing a genuine company to be guilty
even before the company has been charged of any charges in any legal forum.

You are guilty Mr. Tiwary of violating the pristine basic tenements of the Judiciary System
of India which clearly states “that every individual/entity is innocent until proven guilty”.

I now try and deal with your said article para to para herein below:

a) At the onset I vehemently object to you calling Speakasia a fraud multi level company and
there are no 23 lakh Indians who are part of Speakasia. Mr. Tiwary you are hallucinating and
everything you report is a result of your hallucination and is therefore exaggerated out of proportion.

b) Sorry to say Mr., the report goes on to point out later, that the investigation has been done
by some unknown Blog by the name BehindMLM and as such it will be wrong on your part to say
“Crime Branch gathers evidence… etc”

c) It is wrong to say that the CEO Mr. Manoj Kumarji has been wanted for almost a year; in fact it’s
only since end of July that Mr. Manoj Kumar has been abroad which makes it about 5 months and not a year.
See why I say that you are in a hallucinating mode Sir.

d) It surprises me no end when I read that a premier investigating agency like the EOW bases
its statements on the findings of an unknown Blog. That to without investigating the antecedents’
or the background of the owner of the Blog.

e) It is sad to note that you have till now not cared to understand the business model of Speakasia.
If you had cared to understand the model I am sure you would not have reported that the Mr.
Colibri functions on the same model as Speakasia.

f) The statement that Admatrix was heavily involved in the operations of Speakasia is false and baseless.
I strongly condemn this statement.

g) In July this year the EOW arrested our COO Mr. Tarak Bajpai ji and five others. Interesting to note
here is that Mr. Bajpai was the sole company official of SAOL, the other arrested persons were
associates, but none a company official.

h) As we know by now that you have no knowledge about the Speakasia Business Model. I will not debate
with you on the part, where you try and explain how someone by subscribing to the E Magazine earns
52.000/- etc. Mr. Tiwary the returns were all subject to a panelist partaking in the activities of
the company. There was and is NO return on Investment here.

i) It is not the case of any complainant including Mr. Navneet Khosla that the company did not
pay them before May 12th 2011. We all know why none of us is being paid by the company post
12th May, 2011 and more specifically after May 24th, 2011 resulting out of the impugned
circular by the RBI dated 23rd May, 2011, and needs no comment from my side.

j) You further go on to say that the company was running a huge investment fraud amounting
to the tune of Rs. 2000 crores. If you Mr. Tiwary and the investigating authorities are going
to look at the entire matter with jaundiced eyes do we have any chance to show reason or make
you look at logic. Sadly NO. I know the futility of my next statement but then I am duty bound
to keep on trying to make everybody look at the correct state of affairs. Mr. Tiwary there is no
INVESTMENT here and hence there cannot be any INVESTMENT FRAUD. I know for sure you do not
agree with me.

k) You go on to say in your next para that after months of the trail running cold the EOW received
info about Mr. Colibri when BehindMLM contacted them. I am sure this is the resultant factor of the
new found friendship between Mr. Khosla and Mr. Ozsoapbox of BehindMLM.

l) Allow me to stray away from your article for a moment, I was informed recently, that Mr. Khosla
has been quite active on BehindMLM.

Ozsoapbox the owner of the Blog is heavily influenced by Mr. Navneet Khosla who keeps on giving him
various inputs. Mr. Ozsoapbox has NO or miniscule little knowledge of the Indian Judicial system.

m) The EOW ought to have fully investigated the ownership of the company Mr. Colibri before putting
across this news article. No company ever puts up the name of their investors the website of all
companies only speaks about the promoters or owners. The ownership of Mr. Colibri can be checked
and got confirmed by visiting the ROC in Brazil. Maybe the EOW can take help of Mr. Ozsoapbox who
is now the defecto investigator for EOW.

n) The EOW has sadly been misguided and misinformed. They have been led down the garden path by
some unknown blogger who in turn reports, based on another unknown and unsubstantiated blogger a
story, which in the final analysis turns out to be hogwash. Funny utterly funny and this particular
blogger besides cooking up unsubstantiated lies about Speakasia now seems to even fraudulently
cooks up stories.

o) Even it is true that Mr. Colibri had indeed used the source code of Admatrix or not how does
it affect us Speakasians. SAOL has no connection with Admatrix or with Mr. Colibri, what so ever.

What is achieved by this news report is quite clear at least to all Speakasians. This report was
published only to thwart the Mediation Process of the Supreme Court and more dangerously to create
bias and to prejudice the minds o the authorities against the company. This once again exposes
the nexus between the EOW and the media which is dangerously using their power to feed falsehood
and negativity to the public in general and aimed at prejudicing the minds of the Judiciary.

I wish to draw your attention Mr. Tiwary that if you are able to succeed in your sinister plan
of negatively impacting the Speakasia matter you will be doing a great disservice to the interest
of over 12.5 lakh Speakasians whose basic primary constitutional right to earn a livelihood
will be effected.

Mr. Tiwary it will not be out of place to mention here that each and every Indian who has
joined the Speakasia model has joined this model to earn money to enhance their lifestyle.
The EOW’s contention that panelists who have made huge earnings are part of the management
is baseless and far from the truth. Some Panelists have made huge earnings only because they
have been associated with the Model for a longer duration and were able to take part in the
business activities for a longer time. Panelist like me who have not earned any money is
simply because we joined the model just before the model was forced to temporarily shut down.

We the Speakasian Panelists have been shouting from every roof top that we are all law abiding
citizens of India and we are ourselves interested to know the actual fact of the entire
Speakasian matter.

What we do not understand is:

· Why are our payments not being allowed? Especially when the company has been pleading
that they want to pay us panelists. Surely pending all investigations the company can be
allowed to pay us panelists. In any case the entire matter is about safeguarding
the monies of the Panelists.

· The EOW has been on record in the past before various Courts to say that they are
trying to protect the interest of the Panelist. Then why now do they want
to arrest the Panelists?

· How long do we have to wait to see the end of the investigations? Is there no time
limit to such an investigation especially when it affects such a large number of people?

Speakasians we can see that the Media has been and will continue to report the matter
in a one sided manner. We need to understand that this is the time we need to be more
strongly united and stand shoulder to shoulder to get past these last few laps before
we taste victory.

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