Thursday, 2 June 2011

Speak Asia Back on Track 2011

New SpeakAsia Panellist Vision

Business rivals are like our enemy at times and they seldom sleep when they fell threatened: they do whatever is possible to sabotage and interfere with SPKA (SpeakAsia) communication and purpose. This is an axiom. It is therefore important to know how to recognize the voice of the so called Enemy and to know the difference between them and the company we are part of.

When the Enemy speaks to us (as was recently with the Star Network telecasts and their ilk), it's usually the exact opposite of the truth we have been told by SPKA leadership and what we know: it always brings on confusing and negative feelings in some way: doubt, discouragement, fear, anger, insecurity, or some other misguided emotion or lie that's designed to drag us down and make us damage our own business through ignorance.

Recognizing the disinformation of the Enemy from the first instance is an extremely valuable corporate battlefield tactic to cultivate and hone. If we can recognize the false information and immediately go on the attack against such with facts of the company’s plan, we have a much better chance of making it through the media or legal attack unscathed, without suffering any serious setbacks and business loss.

I realize that recognizing the lies and disinformation of the Enemy sounds like a subject that has been taken from a comic book or T.V. Soap series, but I believe you'll find this concept valuable and effective in view of the recent events, which have somewhat obstructed and shaken the SPKA community.

It's up to SPKA Panellists to obey company policy, make the efforts to answer surveys, take training and whatever else necessary, and stick with the given company plan until and unless we see something incompatible with what we have agreed to.

As we all know, that's easier said than done when we're under severe media and disinformation attack. That's why it helps to continually remind ourselves about the truth we know of regarding SPKA, and the reality of the business principles that are in play.

Many panellists are only making it harder on themselves than it actually needs to be. Rest assured SPKA is always there for the Panellists, every minute of our business existence. The company cares and knows better than anyone else what the business needs; yet recently we saw when circumstances had nearly derailed even the strongest of panellists or staff that doubts and fear in the form of the ‘headless chicken panic’ almost set in. This is of course, partly due to the Enemy's attacks, which are indeed very fierce, but it is also partly due to laziness, ignorance and obsession for false news by the weaker SpeakAsians themselves.

When someone is fully convinced and walking in confidence, it's much easier to roll with the punches of the Enemy and get up more quickly, letting those lies pass over you with little or no effect whatsoever. But when someone gives ear to the Enemy's lies and entertains the negativity then it becomes much harder for that person to rise above the event fallout: a thing which is exactly what the opposition is aiming at.

Whenever a panellists gives place to the voice of the Enemy, whether by listening to false reasoning and arguments or to entertaining doubts and lies, then according to mass-hysteria psychology such disinformation programs gain more power.

Star Network, for an example, has very little power on their own in SPKA realms, but by listening and giving credence to lopsided and false points of view, panellists can actually empower them. It's as if the act of someone essentially listening to our opposition’s false claims and outrageous lies, in fact “charges” their so called battery so they can broadcast louder and more clearly.

It is so important to immediately look to the original reasons for even joining SPKA and the company facts presented then at the time of joining, whenever you hear any voice of temptation to doubt the company’s commitments and policy. Even if the lies of our rivals seem plausible, understandable, and credible, even if they have a lot of ‘right‘ to them, it's crucial that you immediately reject this false voice, because in listening you give the opposition power, and the
more you listen, the more power they get.

We can learn to recognize the Enemy's voice and point of view, whether the attacks are direct or more subtle. Some of the tell-tale signs of disinformation are:

1. They make us feel hopeless, negative, fearful, or that things are “not really as stated by our leadership”;

2. They are contrary to the actual company plan, even in small, subtle ways;

3. They make us forget about SPKA’s many blessings and benefits, on time pay-outs, potential new plans, and we feel we're not being treated right, or that maybe we will be cheated and the company will run away;

4. They cause us not to be able to do our work or have good quality business relations;

5. We feel almost driven to tell other panellists about our doubts and perceived wrong, in an effort to seek solace and to find others who will agree with us, which bolsters feelings of having been right all along, which in turn    cements our obviously wrong position;

6. We feel our emotions towards SPKA turn negative and maybe to anger, depression, sadness, anxiety for our money etc.;

7. We don't want to hear from leaders or even management. We put it off, or feel it's not going to do any good just now. We feel resentful or rebellious to what we know or suspect the company will tell us;

8. As we entertain the Enemy's voice, we lose the SPKA vision. Nothing seems exciting anymore; nothing seems worthwhile. Everything is blab, ordinary, or worse yet, a disappointment: even things unrelated to the main point of our battle;

These are a few of the main symptoms of the opposition having our ear, instead of SpeakAsia having our ear. When someone is in this state, it takes a definite, conscious decision to let go of it: to resist the lies, to openly rebuke any person speaking lies about the company.

It's not enough to expect you’ll gradually and nonchalantly pull out of the rut.
When you've “charged the Enemy's batteries” by allowing disinformation to connect to you and tap into your power source and down-lines through listening to his lies and planting doubts, then you have to work hard to break the connection: to cut it, pull it away and completely disconnect. A little tug now and then won't do the trick. And the longer you allow lies to pull from your power by listening, the more you are drained and the more the lie is empowered.

This is the danger of listening to the voice of the Enemy. This is the danger of not taking note of these lies and immediately rejecting them. The opposition’s information is the exact opposite of Speak Asia’s information, and you cannot be believing and unbelieving both at the same time: it's one or the other. Speak Asia gives consumers new and improved financial life, strength, and family victory, whereas the opposition's lies bring consumers unhappiness, defeat, dissatisfaction, and destruction of your family life and financial fruitfulness.

Take heed to this warning, Speak Asians, and let this lesson sink deeply into your mind, heart and spirit, so the next time you hear the Enemy's evil stories of any kind, you immediately raise a standard against such by keeping faith in the promised plans of our company and the tireless efforts of Haren Kaur our chair-woman at the helm and the company leadership.

Pull the plug immediately, before the opposition has time to be strengthened in their attacks, because they will latch on to us relentlessly. They will suck the very lifeblood from us if we let them. But if we look to the true facts and fight back by continuing business as usual, when we take the offensive and claim the power of the SPKA plan, the old school exploiters of consumers have very little power over us, and we have nothing to fear: we as SpeakAsians are the future; our enemies are the failed past!

Be proud to carry the identity of SpeakAsia and do so in action, not just empty words. Trust the plan, be enthusiastic about the plan, and love the plan: it will never fail you because it is honest and simple, as designed by the Haren Team and our leadership. Now, let’s get going and answer surveys, generate new panellists and train for the future business as per company design to empower consumers!


At 5 June 2011 at 22:07 , Blogger madhu said...

i will believe speakasia only when it pays up and continues to pay up every penny that i have put in with the far there is no further news on the escrow account.UOB banked them till 27/5.Its been 10 days. I was told they needed 7 days to get escrow account operational by my upline.the only pop up i'm waiting for is about resumption of payments.till then even if they reduce their panel rate by half i'll not recommend them.

At 6 June 2011 at 02:31 , Blogger Vineeth said...

you are spot on madhu

At 6 June 2011 at 04:18 , Blogger sagar said...

madhu, dont worry, you will have other options, till the payments starts, dont worry, on 9 th june, we are having our new website, dont worry all is well

At 7 June 2011 at 03:35 , Blogger arjun said...

i totally agree with you.

At 8 June 2011 at 02:56 , Blogger tmfilms2009 said...

I am also agree with U.

At 8 June 2011 at 06:48 , Blogger B.K. said...

i am manjunath from mysore i am true beliver of speakasia and i will hope that they will sort out their problems and send cashesto their panalists. all is well.


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