Saturday, 28 January 2012

Facebook Fake Ids making confusions in Speak Asia Panelists

Fake Book Fake Id
According to which are producing speak asia latest news from a long time want to share a serious fact about speak asia news which are getting spread by some of Facebook fake id's.
Peoples having these fake id don't know any thing only doing copy paste from anywhere .

We strong ally feels that their was big thing which some peoples want to hide by making these type of confusions among panelists.

How to Recognize fake id on Facebook  
In Most of the cases peoples having these fake ids was not having any personal feelings for Speakasia company or its thinking these people only want to copy paste any thing .
For Example  :
Anurag Gupta Fake Id
In a Picture above of a user name Anurag Gupta who is blaming Mr. Ashok Bhirwani for taking money from panelists on 20 December 2011 and on 4 Jan 2012 he was blaming IBN7 for making wrong news.This Picture shown for an example only .
On 31 Jan 2012 : We Get message from Mr. Anurag Gupta that his id is not fake but our answer is still the we have shown your messages for an example only.

We want to want to make beware about these type of peoples .
We also wants that Speak Asia Panelists must check government source such as Court Website .
From Last 9 Months from the days SpeakAsia Company have closed their operations in India on almost
every date peoples like these make their assumptions wants other to follow them .

More News of 28 Jan 2012

Speak Asia Panelist Matter on Facebook

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