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Speak Asia Panelist Sharma Madan Lal Message - 28 Jan 2012

Sharma Madan Lal Speak Asia Panelist

My dear panelists,
I’ve to draw your appreciative attentions towards the crucial facts concerning our Company Speak Asia, viz.:
1. The company has been purposefully and tactfully avoiding restart of the business on one plea or
the other;some time on plea of media including ostensible rivals and some time on plea of court.

Accordingly, the company has been intentionally deceiving us only with the purpose of utilization of huge amounts,received from our vital efforts, in its various other businesses.
However, we have been facing harsh circumstances and evasive threatening from our down lines too;
whose money, which may someone, procured on heavy rate of interests with hope of guaranteed return
within short span of business. They all are now facing hard even having only option to commit suicide.

2. Some of us may ask to me that how I’m blaming the company ?
To answer the same, I may place some facts that may substantiate my contentions made above:-

a. That if the Union of India has no objection concerning the business model of the company and the company is ready to pay penalties, if any under the provisions of the Company Act and further ready and willing to establish head office/permanent offices within the India, then in that case there is no hurdle in registration too.

b. That so far EOW is concerned, the EOW, if not find the business model of the company under
prohibitory ambit of Chit Fund Act and more over company is ready and willing to pay the dues of the panelists and the service tax has already been paid in advance, then in that case too, the EOW cannot
stop the company even to start the business and there can be no ground to cease server of the company.

c. The company may file an application before the learned trial court to release its server as there is
no further need in investigation. A copy of data may be provided by the company to the EOW,
if required, however the company has not prayed for the same.

d. The company has never placed its desire/contention before the Hon’ble Supreme Court or any
other court that it has to resume its business and the certain Authority(s) has/have been disrupting
without any cogent reason.

e. The company alleged earlier that its rivals, in collusion of Indian media, have been intentionally trying
to hurdle in the business of the company.

f. The media have alleged that the company has no permanent office within the territory of India,the
company has not registered in India, even in Singapore the company has black-listed and it has no infrastructure as claimed and accordingly the huge amount of Indian Citizen is in danger and being defrauded by the company on behest of its henchmen however these allegations are apparently true.

Moreover, even until today none of us can talk to any responsible officer(s) of the company but the
company can approach any time to each of the panelist, however not have sent any massage or
even new-years’ greetings.

g. The company has been stating that none of the Authorities even the media is not ready to consider
it’s contentions and further ready to provide hearing from its side, however this contention of the
company is frivolous as the company may fax the copies of the relevant documents to the office of
the concerned departments and the offices of media. If really the Indian media did not heed then the
company may place the same before the media in abroad.

h. The company may have put the matter before NRI conference, as alleged Chairperson of our company
is NRI too.

The Indian Government has been soliciting support of NRI and for the same, even offers right to vote along
with various immunities to the NRI. The company, if had put its contention that the Government of India
soliciting support from NRI in the world platforms, however disrupting the businesses established in India
by me, a NRI, on frivolous grounds, then the matter had surly solved earlier.

3. Whether my contentions are devoid of merit, if not then we have to pressurize the company through
our joint efforts on various platform.

4. I am amongst you. Thanks and being look forward cogent remarks with love.

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Same Matter is Said By :
Pankaj Kumar 23 Jan 2012 at 3-48pm

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At 27 January 2012 at 23:46 , Blogger Sreekanth said...

Sir after reading the whole i am unble to know one thing
Are you saying that our money is improperly utilised so we need to protest against it
There is no problem our money may come back
but please have patience
In the above two what are u about to say ?
please reply me as soon as possible ??? :(

At 28 January 2012 at 12:28 , Blogger Mr.Nyorak@arunachalpradesh said...

salah..........!!!!! yeh bhi aur speakasiaonline company ka dushmann hai. sayed aap ka bhi share apki umid se tora kam mil giya hoga. aaplog apna company ki news update Post karne k liye bhi fir company se rufaiya/money mang rahe ho? weh sarm aaplog! Sharma sir, aap to kutta kehne ka bhi kabhiliyet nehi hai. long live speak asia.

At 29 January 2012 at 06:15 , Blogger Ashok Bhadave said...

ware is the speakasiaonline company i meed my money.... otherwise we will die.


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