Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tarak Bajpai anticipatory bail hearing in andhra pradesh - 18 January 2012

Tarak Bajpai Found
We ( speak-asia-fraud.blogspot.com ) have found Mr. Tarak Bajpai Speak Asia COO news on andhra Pradesh high court website. Their is a anticipatory bail hearing is on today 18th January 2012 .
Its looking strange that it was done on 30 December 2011 .
We ( speak-asia-fraud.blogspot.com ) have seen last night till now we don't know what is the exact matter in this case .. but this thing is confirmed this is regarding a FIR which is filed on 21 June 2011 .

आज १८ जनुअरी २०१२ को आंध्र प्रदेश उच्तम नयाय्लिए में सुनवाई हैं .. इस केस में एक बात गौर देने वाली हैं की येः केस ३० दिसम्बर २०११ को हुआ .. हम इस विषिय पर नज़र कल रात को पड़ी .. अभी तक येः पता नहीं चला इस केस में .. क्या हैं .. पर येः एक FIR के सिलसले में हैं जो २१ जून २०११ को हुई थी ..

Tarak Bajpai CRLP 14089-2011 Hearing 18 January 2012
Source :

Rajiv Mehrotra CRLP 14088-2011 Hearing 18 January 2012

Source :

In a other case is also on hearing regarding Rajiv Mehrotra anticipatory bail.
Previous ally On 14 October : Tarak Bajpai Antispretry Bail Application Disposed By Andhra Pardesh High Court
At that time the case number's are :


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writ petition civil no. 383 of 2011 - Hearing 6 February 2012

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