Sunday, 9 October 2011

God is Watching Speak Asia Movement and Doing Justice - 9 October 2011

God is Watching Us
We ( ) which are distrubuting Speak Asia Latest News from a Long time to our Speeak Asian Friends . It is always Said that when you will Do Bad with Other some thing will happened Can Happened with You as God Watch Us and Give the Justice.

News 1 :
From 3rd of October 2011 Like on 3rd and 7th Summons are Issue against Media in speak asia Case now Star News and Other Channels who Oppose Speak Asia Movement have to answer the things .

News 2 :
Kirit Somaya who have Filed an RTI ( Right to Information Act ) on  On 18th May 2011 also give a letter Against Speak Asian Online in Prime Minister Office ( PMO Office ) .  Letter by Dr. Kirit Somaiya Against Speak Asia have created a Very Big Problem to Clearfiy More Mr. Kirit Don't Filed Any  PIL or Case Against Speak Asia . He Only Notify Media and Goverment Agencies in Wrong Manner.
On 2nd of August 2011 in News Papper Mr. Kirit Somaya Said : Kirit Somaiya Said Speak Asia Can Not Stopped but he mr. Kirit Becomes Target of All the Speak Asians who earned Money From Speak Asia and They All Oppose in a Big Voice to Him.
In a Article Printed in 9th October in Amar Ujala a Politicion is Filing a Case Against Mr. Kirti Somaya .

In Starting of this October when We ( ) heard the Negative News .
30 September 2011 : Anti Spretry Bail Hearing of Tarak bajpai & RAJIV MEHROTRA in Speak Asia Online Pte Ltd Case in Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad is Now On Tuesday , 11 October 2011 .

Speak Asia Financial Advisor Sanjeev Dandona Arrested By Eow Mumbai and Arrest Speak Asia WebSite Promoter & Survey Maker Nayan Khandor Brand Saloon Inc

In case of Nayan Khandor Case on 2nd October 2011 : Speak Asia Denies Charges of Fake Survey
In Case of Sanjeev Dandona on 5th October 2011 By Sucheta Dalal : Speak Asia Financial Advisor Sanjeev Dandona Confesses Speak Asia Ponzi Scheme . Sucheta Dalal  is One Who have Send a Letter to PMO From His Company Side "Money Life ". Read  MoneyLife Letter to Prime Minister Against Speak Asia Online .

But God Has Doing Justice in Case Anti Speak Asia media Activities By issuing Summons on 3rd and 7th October 2011.
Issue Summons Against Media By High Court of Bombay Case-Lodging-No S/2100/2011
News 2 :
Case on Kirit Somya Amar Ujala 9 October 2011 News
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