Saturday, 8 October 2011

Speak Asia Denied Charges of Fake Survey & Star News on 2 October 2011

Speak Asia fake Survey
Speak Asia News on 2nd October 2011 Just a 1 Day After :
A Firm Named Brand Incorporation  of Mumbai who works for Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd had Said " Surveys are Fake : Read : Speak Asia WebSite Promoter & Survey Maker Nayan Khandor Brand Saloon Inc

Speak Asia Marketing Replies :

 Dear SpeakAsians,
Certain sections of the media have once again carried reports that are  false, unsubstantiated and  baseless allegations against the company.
 The arrest of Mr. Nayan Khandoor of Brand saloon Inc. is very unfortunate and disturbing.  Mr. Khandoor's company had been hired by SpeakAsia Online PTE. Ltd. to carry out the tasks of search engine optimization and adapting the content and language of the surveys that were uploaded to suit the Indian environment.
 Mr. Khandoor"s company did not create any content on his own and has only merely carried out a commissioned work given to him by the company.
While the unfortunate trail by the media continues on our company, the authorities are yet to file a single charge sheet in the court despite taking  all measures that they deemed necessary for the investigation.
 This only leads us to believe that in absence of any substantial evidence against the company, the authorities are now aiming at spreading mis-communication with-in our SpeakAsia family.
We are on our final lap and urge all of you to keep faith in the company and emerge victorious along with it.

Warm regards

SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team.
Speak Asia Survey Not Fake
Star News on Arrest on Financial Advisor 
Mr Dandona and Nayan Khandoor of Brand saloon Inc

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