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Speak Asia Leaders Panic From All Sides - 30 September 2011

Panic Situation For Speak Asia Leaders
On 30th September Friday , 2011 We ( ) Always Try to Produce Speak Asia Latest News For Our Readers From 15th of September we are watching that Many of Speak Asia Leaders ( Who Joins Others In Speak Asia ) are start to Share their Problems on Many Social Networking , Blogs and News Websites .

In Speak Asia Leaders their are some who  Earned Carore and Some those who don't Earned Much and Make join hundred of Others to Speak Asia .
When Any Scheme Comes in Market many Joiners Don't Know what the actual things are they only follow the rumors which are Circulated Around Them they Joined and Also Guide Others to Joined the Scheme  .
If From Scheme Joined People Get Successful No One Comes to Saying a Thanks Even But If in that Scheme Some Body Loose the Money He/She will Defiantly Come For claiming that Money From you ( Speak Asia Leader ) Only Because you have Convenience for his Investment .

In Starting When on 11th May 2011 STAR News exposes Speak Asia Online Scam With Their Program " Apke Sher mein gurughantal " at Night on 11:30 PM . Every Speak Asian Oppose to that news . This News Gets To Much Highlighted that Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd. ( SAOL ) have arranged speak asia press conference  in Mumbai on  16th May 2011 where Company have introduce their Speak Asia Managementto Press Reporters .

Mr. Manoj Kumar CEO , Tarak Bajpai ( COO ) , Narayanan Rajagopalan , Mr. Vivek Gautam ( Chief Marketing Officer ) , Sanjeev Mehta ( Country Head Sales ) and Sanjeev Dwived.

In This Press Conference Mr . Narayanan Rajagopalan Speak Asia  Explained About Paid Surveys and try to Understand the Speak Asia Business Model

More Over :
On 17th May 2011MoneyLife Letter to Prime Minister Against Speak Asia Online ..  Moneylife is a comprehensive online resource for news and opinions . Lead by Sucheta Dalal

On 18th May 2011 : Letter by Dr. Kirit Somaiya Against Speak Asia to Prime Minister Office as to Do Some Action against Speak Asia. Dr. Kirit Somya Has Filed an RTI ( Right to Information Act ) Not PIL.

Speak Asia bank accounts were closed by the company bankers M/s United Overseas Bank, Singapore, on 27th May, 2011 probably due to the cautionary circular  sent out by the RBI vide circular No. DBS.CO.PPD No.16237/11.01.005/2010-11 dated 23rd May, 2011.

On 21th June 2011: 1st FIR was Filed By Sri M.V.Syam Sundar Secretary of Corporate Frauds Watch Society Vijayawada under Indian Penal Court Section ( IPC-420 ) - As For Information Section 420 is For Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property in CID Police Police Station on 21 June 2011 which FIR Number is 30/2011.

n 25th June Saturday , the Vijaywada unit of the CID conducted a surprise check under the supervision of deputy superintendent, YV Ramana Kumar, on the residence of Mr. Reddy and Mr Swamy.

On 26th of June Sunday News Headlines : CID Arrested 2 franchisees Andhra Pradesh 26 June 2011
in this name which News come as Arrest D Srinivasa Reddy and L V A Swamy
 On this Speak Asians React by Laugh The Peoples Arrested By Andhra Pardesh CID is Not our franchise in Vijaywada .

On that Speak Asia Has Filed a Case For Getting  his Money Back From Court . But in this Case 30 August 2011 CID Andhra Pradesh Wins the Case Against Speak Asia
 and After that They Come in Mumbai to Arrest Mr. Tarak Bajapi . But Mr. Bajapi was on in Hospital 
CRLP 8958 / 2011


Direct Link :
Today on 30th September its hearing .

We ( ) have Seen the Fight Back of Speak Asians With Their Speak Asia Leaders at that Time When Mr. Tarak Bajpai Was Arrested . From Many Panelist Associations which are in different parts of India have Shown their Support in Favour of Speak Asia.
Read this Article : SpeakAsia Virodh Padarshan For Tarak Bajpai From 29 July

On 15th of September A Article Which Surprised us is :
My family luxury was to have three meals. Today my Bank balance is almost 18,00,000/- and I want to donate this to You. Order me how to give this donation”We replied by saying, “bas bhai rulaaye ga kya”.
Taken From : Speakasia 15 September News in English Hindi Part of Speak Asia Panelist Association News

On Other Black Side of the News : Peoples are Saying they will Suicide Due to the Money Invested they are Getting So Much Tensed From all Side.

 On 29th September 2011.

A total of Rs1,052 crore is believed to have been usurped by top panelists or members of SpeakAsia, said police sources.

For the Peoples Who have Invested Others Money in Speak Asia they are Getting Threatened Calls From their Own Down line Panelist to Pay the Money as Soon As Possible.

EOW Mumbai Can Investigate From Where this Money come in their Bank Accounts.

In this Type of Circumstances any Person can Worried About Him .
Biggest Problem is in Legal Cases Time is Required Good News Can not Come so Soon Only Court Can Do Judgment .
While Thinking We ( )  publishing the Speak Asia News From a Long time in our Mind their Some Legal Way which can Get The Money Back of Speak Asia Panelists .


Delhi Supreme Court PIL - Writ Petion Civil 383 2011
SOLOMON JEMES & & ORS  : WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 383 of 2011 " Supreme Court of India  " Filled on 9 September, 2011 its Hearing will Be Now on 

Delhi PIL Hearing : 21 November 2011
( If Delhi Judgment Comes in Favour of Speak Asia then Peoples who wants Exit Option RBI can Give Permission For Opening an Account and Money Transfered " AS DELHI PIL DEMANDS ")

21 November 2011

In An Interview Mr.Rajiv Ranjan Raj Advocate Who have Filled Delhi PIL Said : The next Listing Date in Hon'ble Supreme Court of India is, 21st Nov,2011. which was earlier scheduled to 10th Oct, 2011. This has happened because none of the parties [respondent(s)] filed the report, which was scheduled to be submitted by 23rd September. Not Even Speak Asia Online Limited Did So.. 
Speak Asia Online Limited will file reply today ( 30 September 2011 ) : If it is allowed this will move on as scheduled. As today is last working day in Supreme Court of India , and after this next opening day is after vacations on 10th October itself..!! lets see what unfolds..!!
Check The Supreme Court Website By Yourself :
Step1 :
Step 2 : Click on Left Side Button : Case Number 
Step 3. :  Case Type : Writ Petition (Civil)
               Case Number : 383
                Year : 2011
Step  4 : Press Enter
Supreme Court Case Status Check
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