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RBI Submit Their Report in 2 Weeks AajTak News - 21 September 2011

RBI Speak Asia Aaj Tak News 21 September 2011

On Aaj Tak News of 21 September 2011 : RBI Officials Meet Speak Asia Representatives and Submit Their Report in 2 Weeks.
 Video Below:

This is Not Much Good News for us : ( Speak Asia Fraud ) as on 9th September 2011 . One PIL was Filed
By Some Panelist in that Supreme Court of India have given Order to RBI ( Reserve Bank of India ) to Submit a Report with In 2 Weeks that 2 Weeks of time is completing  on  23 rd  September  2011 Means  Just after 2 Days From Today 21st of September . If According to Aaj Tak News RBI Peoples Meat Speak Asia Representatives means They Have Meet Mr. Tarak Bajpai as he is Part of Speak Asia Management  and He is Official Representative By Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd. in India.

In this News they Said No Body Name as Representatives.

This PIL was Filed By 115 Panelists Rajiv Ranjan Raj Delhi Advocate  which was is in News on  Navbharat Times - Mumbai Edition - 12 September 2011 

In a News By IndLawNews.com on 21 September 2011
‘Suddenly the website was stopped without any foolproof action plan qua the refund of claims of
various panelists/ subscribers,’ Mr Rajive Ranjan Raj, a lawyer representing the panelists, told IndLawNews.com.

‘The panelists are not concerned with whether their (Speak Asia’s) business model was right or not.
The RBI was aware of it.

Even five per cent bank charges used to be deducted from their payment. All of a sudden what happened?’

SOLOMON JEMES & ORS  : WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 383 of 2011 " Supreme Court of India  " Filled on 9 September, 2011 its Hearing After 2 Weeks Approx 23 September 2011.
In this PIL  in 2 Weeks HAREN VENTURES PTE. LTD. VS Finance Ministry , Reserve Bank of India what is the Status of Money of Speak Asians .

Writ Petion Civil 383 2011 SoloMon James & Ors VS Union of India

As we Highlighted In Red Area Above This PIL By SOLOMON JEMES & ORS is Very Important for Speak Asia as in this Commercial  Transaction s Including Banking means if this PIL was in  

Consideration By Government At least  Money of Speak Asia Panelist who have chosen Exit Option that Can be Done as Exit Option is Already Provided By Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd. and People Will Get the Money.

On a Major Consideration of the Facts The PIL By Delhi Panelists for Exit Can Be Approved But the PIL By AISPA where its said to Restart the Company Again is Next to impossible at this stage.

Do Step By Step :
1st is Exit the Panelists who don't want to Be Part of Speak Asia Family in this way they will not fight and give their Bad Remarks to the Company Once they Delhi PIL get Judgment then only its Possible to Restart .

We ( Speak-Asia-Fraud.blogspot.com ) seems Delhi PIL more logical and Can be Approved More Over Today aajTak News have Proven that RBI Officials have meet company representative and Soon will Submit their  Report.

In Another PILL/51/2011 which is Submitted  By AISPA which Said them Self as " All India Speak Asia Panelist Association " involoved Some of the Speak Asia Panelist other From Marketing Also.

Speak Asia Panelist Association is the Same who have Done on 19th September 2011 :  Speak Asia Panelist Association organizing Press Conference Mumbai

Readers / Friends of Our Blog at 11:30 AM 21 September 2011 we are getting this Message From Some of the Resources that Mr. Ashok who is Secretary of AISPA his Mother is No more.
we ( Speak-Asia-Fraud.blogspot.com )  From Our Deep of our Heart Say's
"May god grant eternal peace to the departed soul and fortitude to the bereaved family"
( This Message was already on Social Sites Not Get Confirmation from Mr. Ashok Bhiwani ) .
In His Last Message on 20th September 2011 He Writes " My mother is in the hospital in a critical condition, there is a chance that we may lose her any time now, and if that happens I may not be able to update you, at least for the next three to four days."

Speakasia Panelist Association 20 September Updates

Before the Any Judgment Come From Court Speak Asia Marketing End generate a Letter Saying Mumbai Court has Given the Permission but on Bombay High Court Website Still Nothing is Changed at But the Lie So Below the Copy of Speak Asia Marketing Signed By Some Unknown Person not By Harender Kaur or Manoj Sharma.
See the Court Link :AISPA -  PILL/51/2011
Joking Part it is written Like Signature  Haren or Some thing Like that. See the Below Picture.

Speak Asia Marketing Reply 20 September 2011

Since Justice Ranjana Desai was transferred to the new court.The New Judge has asked for 21 Days to study the case and new reports submitted by the authorities. so now the new date is after 21 days.
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