Sunday, 18 September 2011

Speak Asia Cases VS Speak Asia Panelist - 18 September 2011

Speak Asia Cases VS Speak Asia Panelist
We Speak Asia Fraud has covering the News Whether its Positive or Negative about Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd. Many Peoples Says this Blog is always Post Negative of Speak Asia but we have Publish News of Speak Asia New Website Launched which was happy Movement of Speak Asia .
We have Published the News About Mr. Tarak Bajpai part of Speak Asia Management  and also Publish SpeakAsia Virodh Padarshan For Tarak Bajpai From 29 July

On 18th September on One End :  Speak Asia Panelist Association Appeals For 19 September

We have Also Seeing that in Many Areas Like Jaipur their is association made named as " Jaipur Speak Asia Panelist Association "is Made .
We have Found First time banner of Speak Asia Panelist Association on 12th of August SpeakAsia Peace Protest Azad Maidan Mumbai .

Some Peoples Have Start Mailing Saying We " All India Speak Asia Panelist Association " also Filled a PIL on 22 August 2011  in the Court which news they also Covered and their Video are Spread on Youtube but one thing which we Found is AISPA Means All India SpeakSIA Panelist Association 
its Not SPEAKASIA  Letter " A " is Missing . For Proof See the Picture Below and See the Red color Area.

All India SpeakSIA Panelist Association

If People thinks it was Edited . See the Direct link Below of Bombay High Court Website :
All India SpeakSia Panelist Association -  PILL/51/2011
All India SpeakSia Panelist Association PIL : No PILL/51/2011 " Bombay High Court " : Filed on 22 August 2011 Heared on 7th September 2011 Next Date of Hearing is 21 September 2011 .

Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd PIL  : Writ Petition (Criminal) 176 of 2011 " Supreme Court of India  " Filled on 24th August, 2011.
which was Withdrawn By Speak Asia Online Pte. LTD on 2nd September 2011.

SOLOMON JEMES & & ORS  : WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 383 of 2011 " Supreme Court of India  " Filled on 9 September, 2011 its Hearing After 2 Weeks Approx 23 September 2011.
In this PIL  in 2 Weeks HAREN VENTURES PTE. LTD. VS Veit Mantrliya , Reserve Bank of India what is the Status of Money of Speak Asians .

This Case was Filed By 115 Panelists Rajiv Ranjan Raj Delhi Advocate  which was is in News on  Navbharat Times - Mumbai Edition - 12 September 2011

Case In Opposition of Speak Asia
1st Case which was registered Against Speak Asia in Vijwada - Hyderbad By NGO  Secretary Mr. Shyam Sundar Who is also an Advocate . He has Done an FIR On 21 June 2011 related to which on 28th June 2011 Arrest of 2 Speak Asia franchisees this is also Mentioned Speak Asia Pop Up 25 July 2011  Where the Stay was Taken By Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd for Speak Asia Management

On Sunday 11th September 2011 :  Speak Asia 4 Officials in Andhra Pardesh in Judicial Custody Till 23 September 2011

4 Speak Asia Officials of Speak Asia Online :
Rajiv Malhotra -  Age -50 Webmaster of Speak Asia New Website
Shaikh Rais Latif - Assistant for daily portal operations and in-charge of regular pop-ups.
Ravi Janakraj Khanna - Finance Accountant
Deepankar Sarkar - First Speak Asia Panelist of India Picked From Raipur. Master Distributer of Speak Asia Company .

The accused are facing charges of collecting money from the gullible in the name of conducting surveys which is a money circulation scheme under the provisions of Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes Banning Act 1978 and sending it to Singapore and other countries.

21 September Hearing of All India SpeakSia Panelist Association Hearing and on 23 September Result of Solomon James ( PIL ) if the both any of the case have come positive for Speak Asia 1 More Case of Andhra Pardesh they have to check as Andhra Pardesh CID have custody of Speak Asia 4 Officials and also do prison Transfer of Mr. Tarak Bajpai.
Before that EOW Mumbai or Any Other Government Agencies can not Give control to Speak Asia Website Means Nothing can be Start So Don't Panic on Any Negative News.
Only By Legal Ways Speak Asia Online Can Come In Existence and Fight is On Between Speak Asia Panelist and Others but sorry to Say Their are Merging of Anti Speak Asians not only Association but on Some Of Top Leaders these have start Permoting other companies due to their Own Personal Profit. We have Full news on Anti Speak Asians with sufficient Proves but we don't want to Start a Fight Between Speak Asian VS Anti Speak Asian now We ( Speak Asia Fraud ) Try to Warn Them from our Side .. But if Don't Listen we will expose them .
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At 18 September 2011 at 11:43 , Blogger rahul said...

plz expose these bastards....

At 18 September 2011 at 19:22 , Blogger sunil said...

Can we expect Speakasia Site will open in this month???

At 20 September 2011 at 05:48 , Blogger subbu hosur said...

our politicians will safe guard their money in swiss bank but they will not allow the middle class people to get their basic needs.
Speak asians please please wait and fight till we get payouts.
As long as our politicians have cruked mind our INDIA cannot become a rich country


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