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Tarak Bajpai Bail Rejected By Vijaywada Sessions Court - 22 September 2011

Tarak Bajpai Bail Rejected By Vijaywada Sessions Court
On 21 September on One End in Mumbai where On End Aaj Tak News in the Morning at 9:00 AM News Says RBI Officials Meet Speak Asia Representatives and Submit Their Report in 2 Weeks.

This was Action was done By Reserve Bank of India in Regarding a Case which was filled in Delhi High Court WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 383 of 2011 by SOLOMON JEMES & ORS  according this PIL " Supreme Court of India  " Supreme Court has Asked Both Parties Means HAREN VENTURES PTE. LTD , Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd. V/S Finance Ministry , Reserve Bank of India. 
What is The Stats of Speak Asia Member Money ?

In This PIL Speak Asia Member From Delhi want to Start Money Transaction From Reserve Bank of India.
Writ Petion Civil 383 2011 SoloMon James & Ors VS Union of India

Mr Rajive Ranjan Raj, a lawyer representing the panelists Said on 21 September : Suddenly the website was stopped without any foolproof action plan qua the refund of claims of  various panelists/ subscribers,’ .

Where 1 PIL By Panelist of Mumbai was Done which Hearing is on  PILL/51/2011 which is Submitted  By AISPA which Said them Self as " All India Speak Asia Panelist Association " involved Some of the Speak Asia Panelist other From Marketing Also. Which On Hearing on 21 September 2011 Nothing has comes Since Justice Ranjana Desai was transferred to the new court.The New Judge has asked for 21 Days to study the case and new reports submitted by the authorities. so now the new date is after 21 days.


The petitioners claim to be panelists. After the Speak Asia case was registered they have suffered losses.
They claim to be victims.

On this EOW Said : We make it clear that we have not given a clean chit to the petitioners nor have,
we expressed any opinion against them. We have not examined their role.

If the petitioners want to approach EOW, they may do so and EOW will deal with them independently and in
accordance with law.

To See the judgment Copy Click on Orders/Judgment on Bombay Hight Court Side AISPA -  PILL/51/2011

AISPA is Fighting to Get a Clean Chit From EOW Saying that we victims of Speak Asia Case.

After their was fear of Speak Asia Panelist Fears on 15 September 2011. On  19th September AISPA organizing Press Conference Mumbai after this Press conference.

AISPA Memorandum to EOW Mumbai
"we request that Mumbai Police should initiate immediate remedial action to protect us. However we see that now you are initiating action against us. We are victims, and not criminals. Hence please do not harass us".
AISPA Press Release 

"Victims now being accused of being perpetrators of Crime"

In In PIL one AISPA is Fighting for Threats Given By EOW and PIL they want clear their Issue and On Other Delhi PIL they was Exit Option So they Request RBI to Start the Payment of Court on that RBI Meet to Some Peoples after Delhi PIL for Starting Speak Asia Bank transactions.

But the Thing which is Circulated that That RBI is Seeing Speak Asia Business Plan on which PIL or Request that Happens on 20 September 2011 no one is Having a Proof on that only rumors are Circulated on Internet with Any Court Judgment Copy.

If Speak Asia Marketing having a Proof that RBI is Seeing the Business Plan of Speak Asia so Please on Which PIL or Case By Mumbai High Court have Given This Statement Publish That Also.
As also Publish Prof with Government Copies so in Same way you have to Do.

Speak Asia Marketing Reply 20 September 2011
Tarak Bajpai who is Part of Speak Asia Management  which Become a Over Night Hero in One Day.
On a Black Friday , In Morning Speak Asia Tarak Bajpai Arrested 29 July 2011   in Morning at the time of Arrest it was Thinked By Mr. Bajpai is Arrested in Some Old Case which in Andhra Pardesh . But After that it comes to in Notice that Mr. Navneet Khosla  has done an FIR Against Speak Asia .

We ( ) Still Remembers SpeakAsia Virodh Padarshan For Tarak Bajpai From 29 July

On 21 September 2011 , Wednesday, the Vijayawada Sessions Court denied bail to two prime accused in the case including Chief Operation Officer Tarak Bajpai and Speak Asia Rewards in charge Rajeev Mehrotra.

1st Case which was registered Against Speak Asia in Vijwada - Hyderbad By NGO  Secretary Mr. Shyam Sundar Who is also an Advocate . He has Done an FIR On 21 June 2011 related to which on 28th June 2011 Arrest of 2 Speak Asia franchisees this is also Mentioned Speak Asia Pop Up 25 July 2011  Where the Stay was Taken By Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd for Speak Asia Management

The top brass of the company was trying to float a new company named Precision India Marketing Limited with an all-new management team. So far, the CID has arrested six persons in the scam. They are Ravi Khanna, an accountant, Shaik Rayees, a web application manager, Deepankar who made Rs 1 crore by enrolling one lakh members, Rahul Shah Vice president of the group, Srinivas Reddy and Swamy of Vijayawada.

Andhra Pardesh CID Says "the accused used the 'Seven Rings' company to route the money in the form of investments from Singapore."
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