Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cases Against Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd - Judgment Days September 2011

Speak Asia 29 September 2011
According to ( ) Also Know as Speak Asia Latest News We Many Time Faviour Speak Asia Members / Panelist News and Many Time We Oppose Also But Each and Every time We Publish News After Getting Full Information and Having Proof From Government and Official Websites.

In Most of Cases when any Speak Asia News Comes Many Blogs and Websites Do Copy Paste From Websites or Publish the Same Matter which are Mostly Rumors which are Going on Social Networking Sites.

On 27th of September Some Official Blogs and Websites  Publish Things Which Oppose the High Court / Supreme Court Report .
Without Giving Any PIL Number Case Number and Whole Updates Come From Speak Asia Official Website that is Called Rumors . News Without Proof is Known As False / Fake News.

Cases Against SpeakAsia Updates English Hindi 27 September

According the Them 1st Case is :
VIJAYAWADA MATTER: Talking on Speak Asia Online Pte Ltd Cases in Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad
We Have Already Publish the Whole Thing on 25th September 2011 That Case is


We Know already on 27 September they Get Anti Sp retry Bail Its Ok. But Tarak Bajapi are  Still Applied  For  AntiSpretry Bail which is Still Pending .
Mr Tarak Bajapi For His AntiSpretry Bail Filed a Case Number :
CRLP 8958 / 2011


Direct Link : 

Mr RAJIV MEHROTRA For His AntiSpretry Bail Filed a Case Number :
CRLP 8957 2011 Rajiv Mehrotra

Direct Link :

VIJAYAWADA MATTER is Still in Court and Court Also Don't Give a Clear Chit to Tarak Bapai and Others.
We Also Read that Official Website Says :
a) Mr. Dipankar Sarkar who is a simple panelist just like you and me.
Ans : Mr. Dipankar Sarkar 1st Joiner of Speak Asia Online in India . Having a Business of Real Estate Distributor-cum-franchisee of the Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd. Opened a firm named Kritanj Management and Allied Services, Raipur,. On All Official Papers Their name is Mentioned .More Over All Francaise Report to Them.

Is Speak Asia Official Website Want to Say to  Each  Panelist is Distributor-cum-franchisee Like Dipankar Sarkar.

3. The EOW Case: - Its Ok
4. The Mira Road Case:

5. PIL Filed by AISPA in Mumbai High Court: - 12th October, 2011
See the Court Link :AISPA -  PILL/51/2011
 Mumbai PIL Hearing : 12 October 2011
( If  Mumbai Judgment Comes in Favour of Speak Asia then Peoples Get a Clean Chit From EOW Mumbai  " AS Mumbai PIL DEMANDS ")

6. Delhi Supreme Court PIL - Writ Petion Civil 383 2011
SOLOMON JEMES & & ORS  : WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 383 of 2011 " Supreme Court of India  " Filled on 9 September, 2011 its Hearing will Be Now on 

Delhi PIL Hearing : 21 November 2011
( If Delhi Judgment Comes in Favour of Speak Asia then Peoples who wants Exit Option RBI can Give Permission For Opening an Account and Money Transfered " AS DELHI PIL DEMANDS ")

21 November 2011
In An Interview Mr.Rajiv Ranjan Raj Advocate Who have Filled Delhi PIL Said :
The next Listing Date in Hon'ble Supreme Court of India is, 21st Nov,2011. which was earlier
scheduled to 10th Oct, 2011. This has happened because none of the parties [respondent(s)]
filed the report, which was scheduled to be submitted by 23rd September.

Check The Supreme Court Website By Yourself :
Step1 :
Step 2 : Click on Left Side Button : Case Number 
Step 3. :  Case Type : Writ Petition (Civil)
               Case Number : 383
                Year : 2011
Step  4 : Press Enter
Supreme Court Case Status Check

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At 29 September 2011 at 13:51 , Blogger Shivam Kapur said...

Government sucks,, specially the supreme court. Bloody supreme court judge. Everytime case gets scheduled to further dates, What's this non-sense going on? I am a member of speak aisa, I joined 3 days before the speak asia scandal came to light. What the hell are these judges doing, just shifting the dates. Fraud judges, they just getting their pockets filled. I feel like filing a case against these frauds(govt.).


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