Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Speak Asia On Target By Other MLM Companies - 27 September 2011

Speak Asia On Target
We ( Speak Asia Latest News ) Are Targeted By Other Multi Level Marketing Companies 27th September 2011

Speak Asia Business Model  have 2 Basic Things First is Paid Surveys where as Other Paid Surveys Online Which Pay In India Pay Rs.30 - 50 Per Survey . Speak Asian Are Giving Rs. 500/- Per Survey .

2nd Important thing is Speak Asia Online Shopping which is Provided by Speak Asia New Website  in this their are many things every Body who joins Speak Asia will Get Products in Discounted Rates where are their are Peoples who get Commissioned For Selling Speak Asia Products . Any Speak Asian can do Speak Asia Login and Purchase the Products For Him / His Clients on Every Product their is Commission.

Many Companies Such As Ad matrix  ,  N Mart , Ram Survey and Many MLM Companies when See the Peek of Speak Asia in India . They Start Targeting Speak Asians For their Own Products / Joining / Services.

In First Steps these Companies Joined Their Some Peoples to Speak Asia then When star news exposes speak asia on 11 May 2011 in Night with a Program Name " Apke Sher Mein Guru Ghantal " at that time.

Rajiv Mehrotra Speak Asia
In The News their was a Person named " Mr. RAJIV MEHROTRA " was seen in car with Haren at goa event covered by star news (remember star's first news-gurughantal) . He Works in Seven Rings International , Tulsient information systems private limited ( Which is Black Listed Company according to ministry of corporate affairs Website )

In a Interview Mr. Vivek Gautam ( CMO ) Chief Marketing Officer
Said that " They are Doing Surveys on India Companies ".

In Speak Asia Conference Mumbai on 16 May 2011 Mr. Manoj Kumar Was not So Much Confidence while answering to press reporters.

In Starting Time Nor Speak Asia / Nor Speak Asian take it much serious ally but the People of other MLM Companies make a Impressions to Others Like " Speak Asia is A big Fraud Company " .

In Starting These People From other MLM Companies invoke People to Sell speakasia pin on discount
at that Time Speak Asias Named these type of People As " ANTI SPEAK ASIANS ".

Definition of Anti Speak Asian : A Person who is Messaging or promoting their Products in Social Networking Websites .

In Start Stage of Case Against Speak Asia Their are Cases :

On 17th May 2011MoneyLife Letter to Prime Minister Against Speak Asia Online ..  Moneylife is a comprehensive online resource for news and opinions . Lead by Sucheta Dalal - NOT DONE ANY COURT CASE ON SPEAK ASIA

On 18th May 2011 : Letter by Dr. Kirit Somaiya Against Speak Asia to Prime Minister Office as to Do Some Action against Speak Asia. Dr. Kirit Somya Has Filed an RTI ( Right to Information Act ) Not PIL.

On 21st June 2011 :  First Fir and Case is Registered Against Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd. : Read Speak Asia Online Pte Ltd Cases in Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad

Today Some Question Comes Where is Star News  , Sucheta Dalal , Dr. Kirit Somya and Andhra Pardesh CID peoples When their are 100's of Multi Level Companies was Doing Same Business on Marketing which Speak Asia Has Planned in India.

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speak asia is fraud


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