Saturday, 31 December 2011

Kerala become 1st Indian State to Set Guidelines for MLM Companies

Kerala become 1st Indian State to Set Guidelines for MLM Companies
Kerala a state which is having highest literacy among the states of India have taken messures by setting guidelines for  Multi Level Marketing Companies on 8th September 2011 .Gullible people lost to the tune of thousands of crore in  Multi Level Marketing investment schemes. In one such MLM scam, a company called Tycoon Empire International scammed is said to be around around Rs.1000 crore. After such scams, Kerala Chief Secretary led a committee and probed the activities of multilevel marketing agencies.

Kerala Guidelines for MLM companies
Refund of money to a customer not satisfied by the product within 30 days.

The companies should not charge membership fee or force customers to buy any product
before enrolling him or her as a member.

The Customer should be given freedom to examine the sample of the product prior to making purchases.
It will be mandatory on the part of the agencies to give details regarding the organisation and the products to the customers.

The Company representatives should carry photo identity cards issued by the goverment agency.

The Companies should have a permanent mechanism to solve complaints related to their product and adequate information should be provided to the customers regarding this facility.

All the financial transactions of the company should be properly accounted for and the companues should take prior permission when they engage in business activities in any organisation.

All MLM Companies should have their own Websites on which they should put all details regarding their products, services and all details regarding their business.

(Last Point: Remembers us about a Interview which we ( ) have found for our viewers .
In the Below Video Mr.  Pavan Duggal who is also  Known as "father of cyber Laws”, Founder President of Cyberlaw Asia, author of the book entitled “Cyberlaw – The Indian Perspective” : This was trick of MLM Companies saying thing which they don't to say officially they make cloned websites which are not belongs to them and MLM Companies says any thing unofficially on these websites . If Any MLM Company on his official website claiming or promising any thing and if that company will not fulfill its promises a court case can be done against them.

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