Wednesday, 1 February 2012

SpeakAsia Online Registered to Anuj Garg in Whois Information on 1 Feb 2012

We ( ) have news about Speak Asia Online Website on 1 Feb 2012.
After Go daddy ( Domain Name Company ) by which Speak Asia Company have purchased Domain name have closed the SpeakAsia Online Website  on Domain On 31 Jan 2012 firstly the Speak Asia Company have fill the Information with some person name Varun Sharma at that time speakasia online company Domain whois information was Shown as Below :

SpeakAsiaonline.Com Registered to Varun Sharma of
Its not 24 Hours Completed before the Go daddy ( Domain Name Company ) can verify the things from his end the Speak Asia Online Company have changed information Once again this time Domain name Person name is " Anuj Garg" and the E-mail Address was . Now information seems to be as below :

Speakasia Whois Information 1 Feb 2012
Source :

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