Sunday, 16 October 2011

CNN IBN News Speak Asia - 16 October News 2011

CNN IBN News Told " Speak Asia Scam Before Supreme Court " . Tommarow is Hearing SOLOMON JEMES & & ORS  : WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 383 of 2011 " Supreme Court of India  " Filled on 9 September, 2011 its Hearing will Be Now on 

Delhi PIL Hearing : 17th October 2011
In the News it was Said that " Speak Asia Has Never Commit things which They Said "

Yesterday : Answer a RTI .. Reserve Bank of India Says " We Never Closed Speak Asia Bank Accounts "

See the Full News : Its Already Been Clear By Reserve Bank of India that " Speak Asia OverSeas Account i.e. Speak Asia Singapore Account was Never Closed By Reserve Bank of India " They only Send Cercullation in India to their Banks to Check the Accounts .

Question for Speak Asia Managment and Speak Asia Leader : When Speak Asia Account was Never
Closed Why Speak Asia Stop Payments  ?

EOW Mumbai is Only Investigation Bank Accounts of the Speak Asia Franchises and Speak Asia Leaders they Don't Closed Any Accounts of Speak Asia.

Speak Asia Website is in Hand of EOW Mumbai but will Be Transfered in Speak Asians Bank Accounts Why Needs Websites For Sending Payments to Speak Asian . One Copy is with Speak Asia Managment to Whom they Have to Pay .. If They Want to Pay They Can Pay Any time .. As Accounts was Opened.

Speak Asia Top Leaders and Managament was Trusted By Speak Asians and they break the Trust of Speak Asians ..
Read The Article : RBI Answers to RTI Regarding Speak Asia Online

Tarak Bajpai Antispretry Bail Application Disposed By Andhra Pardesh High Court 

SOLOMON JEMES & ORS  : WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 383 of 2011 " Supreme Court of India  " Filled on 9 September, 2011 its Hearing 17th October 2011

Tommarow In Delhi PIL By Solomon James & ORS where They asked to RBI Why Did You Stop Payments of Speak Asia Pannelist when They Speak Asia is Paying 5% Charges to Speak Asia ..

On this Reserve Bank of India Will Reply  : We have never Closed the Bank Accounts and If you Follow " Fema GuideLiness you can Do Business in India ..
Which Means " Speak Asia Company Can Only Sell Chinese Products in India By Speak Asia Managment and Top Leaders .. Means AISPA .. and in the End Speak Asians Who have Money Loss they will Cry for their Money and All Speak Asia Top Leader will Be Happy and Cerculate the News " Speak Asia Company Wins But Goverment Don't Give Permission For Survey Business and We Have Sell Products " ... Every thing Planed By Speak Asia ...
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