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SpeakAsia 26 February 2012 News

26 February 2012 SpeakAsia Latest News by 
हम  स्पेअक-एशिया-फ्रौड़.ब्लागस्पाट.कॉम पेश करतें हैं स्पेअक एशिया की ताज़ा खबरें

Some Days Before on 23 Feb 2012 : Writ Civil Petition Filed by SOLOMON JEMES & ORS 
in Supreme Court of India ( Delhi ) have announced a judgment in this case Link below :

bank draft bearing DD No. 037002 dated 20th February, 2012 drawn 
on State Bank of India, Singapore     Branch    in    favour   of    
"The Registrar, Supreme Court of India" in the Registry of this Court.

According to this SpeakAsia Online Company have submitted Rs. 50 Carors to supreme Court
in our opinion " " this money will remain to Court for 90 Days after 
that this money will be distributed among panelists but thing is Rs.50 Carors is very less money 
to clear all the dues of speak asians.
Many Unauthorized sources start saying that Speak Asia Company will be start working in India Soon
and also give the payments .
We " " want to clear things with our readers
Even if speakasia company will get registered in India it seems impossible that Government of 
India will give permissions of surveys  as if we see 1 st case which was filled against speak asia is 
from Hyderabad See Link Below :
Speak Asia Online Pte Ltd Cases in Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad

This case was Registered Under :  Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes Banning Act 1978

In this a Judgment comes on 30th August in andhra pardesh high court link Blow

According to this Company have done fraud and it also says for Look Out Notice .

Yes , if speakasia company wins SLP (Criminal)  7509-7510 /2011  which hearing on 
23 March 2012.This case is regarding Quashing of FIR filled in Andhra Pradesh high 
court then their will be a bright chance of  company come back .

We " " also understands the model of selling products which can be 
applicable in case of speak asia company . In this case company can Use "KYC " ( Know Your Clients ) system and sell products in India .

So in Our Opinions steps are some thing like 1st company will come in India use the model of  "KYC " and
sell some products in the mean time company will try to solve the cases against it and then company can 
make a History in India . 
We " " also seeing a positive sign for panelists in order of 
Supreme Court as from a long time nothing is coming in faviour.
Supreme Court of India Case Status
2.Case Type - Writ Petition ( Civil ) and Case No - 383 - Year - 2011
29 February 2012
Bombay High Court case hearing of  WPST 3611/2011 filled by  
Source WPST 3611/2011 Case :

Bombay High Court case hearing of  SL/202/2012 filled By Speak Asia Company  

Source WPST SL/202/2012 Case :

14 March 2012
Bombay High Court 2 Criminal Case Hearing against WPST 3210/2011 ( THANE
and WPST 3211/2011RAIGAD ) 

Source WPST 3210/2011 Case :

Source WPST 3211/2011 Case :

23 March 2012
Supreme Court Case hearing  SLP (Criminal)     7509-7510 /2011
Search  SLP ( Criminal ) 7509

Below Case Information Not Updated on Court Website
Andhra Pradesh high Court hearing of RAJIV MEHROTRA & 4 OTHERS applied for Quashing the FIR 
in Andhra Pradesh Court case Number is " CRLP 10782 / 2011 " 
Source :

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At 26 February 2012 at 18:04 , Blogger Mr. Arvind maurya said...

Hindi me bhi post kar deya karo................!!

Agle date 29/02/2012
i think that company ko ab India se bhag kar koi new company ke Saat me aanaa chaheye yeh India ki court kewal date deti h ki right decision........
Chahe HC ;SC ho sab ke sab sale time pass kar rahe.........H


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