Monday, 1 August 2011

Speak Asia News on Aaj Tak 1 Aug 2011

Speak Asia News on Aaj Tak 1 Aug 2011
In Allegations of Fraud on Speak Asia now CEO video has come on the Internet .
This Video comes after the Tarak Bajpai & Top Officials in Judicial custody till 4 Aug 2011
these all are the part of  Speak Asia Management . In This Video CEO Mr. Manoj Kumar
have Declined the  News the speak asia ceo arrested or Speak Asia CEO is Run From India.

Now the Video has come on the Internet according to this video

Speak Asia CEO Manoj Kumar Address on 30th July to Speak Asians

said that he is on official Tour and soon come to India.

By This Video Speak Asia CEO want to Tell Every Thing is Ok .

See What are allegations which are against Speak Asia ?

Speak Asia Offers which are given by the Company can not be True .Its under investigation that Company is doing some racket which earn not from the surveys but from new joiners take the money and give to old joined peoples in this way company has done a Loss of  Rs.2000 Carror .

Important thing is Company is Not Registered in India and Till date company  have not give any certificate for proving its Loyalty and according to news Speak Asia is Blacklisted In Singapore .

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