Friday, 28 October 2011

Reserve Bank Of India Vs Speak Asia - 28 October 2011

RBI VS SpeakAsia
We ( ) have a comment on our Last Article Speak Asia Court Cases Vs Rumors Till Diwali 2011 which we don't publish only becouse the person who have comment us is not having authnticated Gmail Account .

RBI Denies info to SpeakAsia Panelist - HINDUSTAN TIMES

RBI Denies info to Speak Asia Panelist
On this News Which is Published in Hindustan Times was a OLD news According to us this News was Old as on 14th of October RBI Answers to RTI Regarding Speak Asia Online
Question 2 : On Which Date RBI have Stoped Payments of Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd.
RBI Answer 2 : We ( Reserve Bank Of India ) Never Closed Any Bank Accounts of Speak Asia in India .
( This was Shocking News to All the Speak Asians as From Speak Asia was Saying that Their accounts was Freezed By Reserver Bank of India Even in Speak Asia Controversy Blog it was written that :

M/s United Overseas Bank, Singapore, on 27th May, 2011 probably due to the cautionary circular
sent out by the RBI vide circular No. DBS.CO.PPD No.16237/11.01.005/2010-11 dated 23rd May, 2011.

SAOL has been approaching the RBI and various other appropriate agencies to seek permission for
establishing their permanent establishment  and for restarting the operations and restarting the payments to their panelists (us).

This News was Shared on Speak Asia News By a Speak Asia Panelist  Named  Swapnil Kumar
We ( ) have check the Crediblity and Accuracy of the News By Finding the person who enquried this Information From RBI with his RTI submited of 24 August 2011.
Swapnil Kumar
In His Photo Section : On 24th August 2011 Pictures :
Swapnil Kumar RTI Letter to RBI On 24 August Page 1

Swapnil Kumar RTI Letter to RBI On 24 August Page2
Answer By Reserve Bank of India to Swapnil Kumar RTI on 7 October 2011
RBI Answers to RTI Regarding Speak Asia Online Page-1
RBI Answers to RTI Regarding Speak Asia Online  Page-2
RBI Answers to RTI Regarding Speak Asia Online Page-3

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At 29 October 2011 at 20:00 , Blogger mukannan said...

when open speakasia RP MONEY?

At 30 October 2011 at 00:46 , Blogger vikram vijay said...

good informeion jay speakasia


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