Monday, 24 October 2011

Tarak Bajpai Not Disappears - 24 October 2011

Tarak Bajpai Disappears
We ( ) was Publishing the Speak Asia News From a Long time have laughed on article published regarding Mr. Tarak Bajpai  Disappeared but According to our information its most obvious that Mr. Bajpai was with Andhra Pardesh CID .. Mr. Bajpai have applied for anti Spertry Bail some days before after that on 17th a FIR Queshed was Submitted in Court which was not Accepted by Supereme Court on 22nd Evening it was Declined. So May be Today on 24th Andhra Padresh CID was Taken in Custody of Tarak Bajpai .

Mr Tarak Bajpai was 1 of the Wanted Person in CRIMINAL PEITTION No.5626 of 2011 in Andhra Pardesh High Court this case was filed Under IPC Section 420 .
On 30 August 2011 : CID Andhra Pradesh Wins the Case Against Speak Asia Court Disposed in the Matter which means Now Andhra Pradesh CID can Arrest Speak Asia Management Peoples and Other Peoples Related to this Case.

After That on On 9th September 2011 : Speak Asia 4 Officials Taken By Andhra Pradesh CID to Hyderabad
When Andhra Pradesh Officials Come to Mumbai : They Said Mr. Tarak Bajpai is presently recuperating in a hospital after undergoing an operation. “Once he recovers, we will bring him to Hyderabad,” RAJIV MEHROTRA is Not Taken .

On 11 October 2011 :  Rajiv Mehrotra AntiSpretry Bail Crlp 8957/2011 Disposed on 11-October-20111.. Rajiv Melhotra, and four of its employees Will taken Into Custody.
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On 14 October 2011 : We ( ) Get to Know that Mr. Tarak Bajpai Crlp 8958/2011 Disposed Means TARAK BAJPAI CAN BE ARRESTED ANY TIME BY ANDHRA CID .
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 For Quashing FIR filed in CRIMINAL PEITTION No.5626 of 2011.. Requested Special Leave Petition (Criminal)    7509 -7510    OF   2011  Was Filed in Supreme Court on 17 October 2011 Which results comes on 21 October Friday 2011 .

 In Andhra Pradesh Case the AP CID is Having Rights to Arrest Mr. Tarak Bajpai So According to our ( ) News Forcast in 2 -3 Days Speak Asians Get News From Andhra Pardesh High Court ...
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