Thursday, 21 July 2011

Speak Asia Video POP UP - 21 July 2011

Speak Asia Video POP UP Advertisement Ad Comes .

This video wants to unite all speakasians and they are changing the thoughts of all people
that's why they are facing problem as the change in revolution will cost them.

By this Speak Asia Video Speak Asia Tell the changes which are happening on the internet .
Speak Asia has changed the World and Give World a New Thing
" Do the Survey and Get Income."
" Even for Seeing Advertisements  after viewing advertisements company will ask some questions related to it and you can earn money from It."

It was clear yesterday a Little bit as when speak asia Send the Survey on Computer's and Internet Use.

As today 21 July will be Final Report comes on 
ROC Report Against Speak Asia Online - 19 July 2011 

This Video can Be seen on 
Speak Asia video pop-up 21july 2011
See the Video:

Summery the Content Speak Asia Online Want to Say :

1.Speak Asia Ptd Ltd. want to have patience on the company.
2. Company is showing that change in marketing model will cost them this.
3. Through speakasia, there will be no advertising cost which decreases the rate of every product.
4. They want to Tell "Speak Asians" have to unite to bear all the obligation together then this will be of no worth.

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