Tuesday, 19 July 2011

ROC Report Against Speak Asia Online - 19 July 2011

ROC Submits Report SpeakAsia Online 19July-2011
According the News Government is soon do action on Speak Asia Online today the report by roc ( Registrar of Companies ) Registar of Companies Submit Report 10 July 2011 submitted the report today and in starting investigation ROC found that Speak Asian Online Pte. Ltd. Violate Section 591 in The Companies Act, 1956  according to this act the companies who are incorporated outside India and Still doing business in India they must have to get registered first before doing business in India.

Their are Some Reasons Why Speak Asia Online May Be Not Registered in India .
1. Speak Asia Online Pte. ltd is registered in Singapore and they are doing this business online in India.
2. May Be Speak Asia Don't Know they have come under this act.

Now Government can Give Choices to Speak Asia Company .1st. Indian Government can imposed on the company and if the franchisee are large in number then they may also be involved in the fine.
2nd : Speak Asia Online Company will be Registered with the New Name in India in that Case company don't have to pay Fine Even , But company have to under law .Means Paying tax's and company can give
money of Reward Points which Speak Asian have Made till today as that money is gone with Old Speak Asia.

In another words company will start with a New Start with New People and all Old Person whose payment is pending it can't come Means " Speak Asia Online Shopping " Live with their New Joiners and
" Speak Asia Earn Money "All Others who have worked for last 1 year in India with Speak Asia ...( GONE )

This report which is Submitted is preliminary  report  means 1st report  another report is Submitted after 2 Days 21 July 2011 that day will be Judgment Day for Speak Asia Existence  in India.

We have a Priminary News on this Issue and we make a Article on that also .
Speak Asia Incoming News
Over All thing .... WAIT AND WATCH


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