Thursday, 21 July 2011

SpeakAsia Not Giving Clear Staus About Money - 20 July 2011

Speak Asia are Now Getting Feed up as they are d oughted that whether their payment will come or Not as Speak Asia is not getting a Clear Picture about any Thing.

Serious investigations are going on against Speak Asia across the country, but the company chooses to portray itself as a victim, in an attempt to gain sympathy and more time from its agents who eagerly await their dues totalling over Rs1,900 crore

Money life Article On Speak Asia
 Problem on Which Speak Asia :
 ROC Report Against Speak Asia Online - 19 July 2011 : Registrar of Companies  will Give the Report on 21 July 2011.

Mumbai High Court DISPOSE Case on Speak Asia Online - 14 July 2011
 : Mumbai Court case was not listened if Speak Asia Goes in High Court also. They will Also don't listen.

Police FIR Against Speak Asia Raipur - 12 July 2011
 : Speak Asia Company Can't do any thing on it.

Prime Minister Office Action Against Speak Asia - 29 June 2011
 : After all the reports are submitted PM office will Give Clean Chit to Speak Asia in India.

Speak Asia Investigation By Enforcement Directorate - 21 June
 : Speak Asia have to Do some thing about this .

Income Tax Department Investigate Speak Asia Online - 17 June 2011
 : In Any case Speak Asia if get registered even how can they give back the Money which they have taken and to People they Give on RP . ( Reward Points )

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