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Tarak Bajpai Meeting With Team Leaders 22 july New Delhi

TarakBajpai 22 july 2011
As we Know Mr. Tarak is member of Speak Asia Management .  He is a Chief Operating Officer in Speak Asia Online after getting bad news with many ways a Group 50 team leaders , distributors , zonal managers , few panelists etc go to Meet Tarak Bajpai Speak Asia

1st Question Asked : Which is Very important for all Speak Asians ...

Question : When will be Speak Asia Will be Registered in India as till now Speak Asia Not Registered Under MCA21 ( MCA stands for Ministry of Corporate Affairs ).
Answer : Take My Words , We ( Speak Asia Company ) have submitted every thing which Indian Government wants from us means all the papers related our existence in Singapore and all other relevant documents / papers .Now the Government have to take final decision on this matter . We can't do any thing  "wait and watch" .With a Smile on the face says " Hope For Good News ".

Question 2 : What If government will not  give speak asia online approval to work in India ?
Answer : Firstly we will do we get the registration in India. Else we have option of Supreme Court of India
as we have legal background. 

Question 3 : Did you think Supreme court will listen to us as Mumbai High Court DISPOSE Case on Speak Asia Online - 14 July 2011
Answer : Lets See.Its not that we get same answer in supreme court also.

A Group member of this team ask in High Volume 
Question 4:  What If Government of India and Supreme Court of India Not Listen to us ?
Answer : We ( Speak Asia ) want to proceed in India desperately want to start the payment As Soon as Possible to our panelists but delay is beyond our control . But Trust Me ( Tarak  )  we have other sources such as we have plan to start our own payment gateway in India and some more ways which i ( Tarak ) can't Disclose now . 

Question 5:What About the Funds did speak Asia have so much money that they can pay us ( Speak Asians).
Answer : With a Smile . Mr Tarak Says We ( Speak Asia ) have enough funds to start payment to the panelists Event Today but if we start doing payment with our other sources without be get legal in India  this time war will be not against media this will be against Government of India..and we can't do that.

Question 6: What About FIR and Complaints about Speak Asia .
Answer : I ( Tarak ) am in the team i know better then any one status of Speak Asia Complaints. Till date no FIR was launched Against Us ( Speak Asia Company ).

Question 7 : Our Down Line is daily calling us to know the Status of their Payment so Tarak Sir what date we can give to Them ?
Answer : No dates regarding the start of payment can be announced now.It can Only Be start After permanent establishment of Speak Asia in India.

Question 8 : Payment of Which Reward Points will Come to us ?
Answer :Only the Payment of after 27th May will come in Account .All our Earned RP before 27th May 2011 can only be used for Product Purchasing , buying trainings.Speak Asians can not get Cash of RP from Bank .
( Question in Mind Not put with Mr. Tarak is What was Ratio of when we purchase products Shopping on Speak Asia New Website )
( In Mind : All the Work done before 27th May on Speak Asia Website for making Reward Points .. Company Forcing us ( Speak Asians ) to take Products no Cash will be Given .. What a F***. It was the already the on incoming news of speak asia ).

Question 9 : When Will be Office is completed In Mumbai  .. First Establishment of Speak Asia In India ?
Answer : Its Construction is completed but interior and furnishing is pending .. We are hoping that it will start from 15th August 2011.  

Question 10: Sir, At least Tell the Status of Prize distribution ?
Answer : Its in slow face but we have started.

Question 11: When will be Pan Card are Required By Speak Asia ?
Answer : Its Required after company is registered in India . We will give the information when its needed. Don't Worry it is done in a systematic manner by Us ( Speak Asia ) . After Popup you can change all the personal details of yours such as E-mail , Mobile Number and Address .
( In Mind : About Multiple ID how can We ( Speak Asians ) Submit the Same Pan Card ).

This meeting was of 35 minutes in Delhi . Tarak Bajpai Speak Asia close this meeting by Saying
" We ( Speak Asia ) Need Full Support By Their Panelists "

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At 24 July 2011 at 09:07 , Blogger reyaz said...

It is not clear that one panelist can have how many ID(s) with one name. Please cleare by your faithfull opinion.

At 27 July 2012 at 00:46 , Blogger mithun said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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